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Can lip balm really be addictive?

Anyone who runs a lip balm over their lips too often knows the problem: after just a short time, the lips feel dry and greasy again in no time at all. But can lip balms really be addictive? Tikbow asked the experts.

Why do we want to constantly reapply cream to our lips?

"Üoveruse of lip balms is more of a mental addiction than a physical one; a habit effect sets in, so to speak", explains Dr. med. Uta Schlossberger of dermatology at the Kolumbahof versusütikbow. The problem:The skin on the lips has only a few natural substances.Sebaceous glands are often dry and therefore feel dry and not very supple, especially in winter when the air is dry and heated. However, if you constantly replenish your skin with oil, you are suggesting to your body that moisture is urgently needed. The expert warns: "It can take six to eight weeks until the lips have weaned themselves off the constant lip care."

Is too much lip care harmful?

In principle, there is no great danger in using lip balm too often. Provided you also pay attention to the right ingredients. It is better to avoid lip care products with a mineral base. These ingredients, also known as kerosene, form a film on the skin and additionally dry out the sensitive skin of the lips,” says Schlossberger. In addition, cosmetic products containing aromatic hydrocarbons from mineral oil (MOAH) are suspected of being carcinogenic. According to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), there are no definite findings on this yet, but there is also a lack of long-term studies.

Focusing on natural lip care

In case of doubt, you should therefore inform yourself about the ingredients, as make-up artist Lucia Ljubicic also confirms in response to a Tikbow inquiry. Lip balm should contain as few chemicals as possible, so it is better to choose an organic product or natural cosmetics from a health food store. Instead of mineral oil, products with shea butter or jojoba oil are recommended." According to the experts, not only lip balms but also lipsticks should be checked for their ingredients before use.