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Body scrub with coffee grounds – what it brings, how to do it

Coffee is a great skin care product! When used as an exfoliant, the caffeine it contains boosts circulation and makes skin appear rosier and firmer. Tikbow explains how it works and what you need to use it.

Coffee junkies take note! Because your favorite beverage can do a lot more than wake up morning grouches. Coffee is also a popular ingredient in skin care products. The caffeine it contains is said to stimulate blood circulation and make the skin look firmer. It is used, for example, in shampoos, body lotions and eye creams. In the latter, for example, it is said to help cushion the sensitive eye area somewhat and thus minimize small wrinkles. However, the small seeds are also perfect for exfoliating the skin. Tikbow explains how to make your own coffee scrub in just a few steps.

Waste of money: buy coffee scrub

Buy expensive coffee scrub? You don’t have to, even if influencers are always advertising it on social media. After all, homemade peelings are very easy to apply, effective, cheap and above all sustainable. Ingredients such as salt, sugar or coffee powder are ultimately much better for the environment than exfoliating products that contain microplastics or other problematic ingredients.

What do you need for the coffee peeling?

Don’t pour the coffee grounds from your morning coffee into the garbage! If you want to do something good for your skin, mix about five to six teaspoons of cooled coffee grounds or fresh coffee powder from the package with a squeeze of lemon juice and a teaspoon of organic food, such as coconut oil. For even more exfoliating effect, you can also add a little sugar.

How does the application work?

In the shower, the mixture is rubbed onto the skin in circular motions and rinsed off with lukewarm water after a short time. The mixture can also be used well on the face, here just scrub a little less firmly. The coarse sugar crystals and fine granules of coffee gently remove dead skin.

The caffeine stimulates blood circulation and makes the skin look rosier and a little firmer. The Öl makes it soft and supple. The peeling can be used once or twice a week. Once applied, it can be used for several days. Even more quickly made DIY applications can be found here.