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Belly button piercing – risks when piercing and during pregnancy

Summer is bikini time – and thus also the perfect opportunity to show off the belly. Belly button piercings are experiencing a revival and are once again becoming cool eye-catchers. What to look out for after the piercing and what can happen to the piercing during pregnancy, Tikbow gives answers.

Bücken, stretch, squat – the abdominal area is quite schön much moved and strained. But this also means that a piercing in this area, such as a belly button piercing, sometimes does not heal very quickly. It may well take half a year to heal. It is important to keep the sensitive area around the belly button clean. Usually you get special disinfectants in the piercing studio and also care sprays for home. Swimming in the pool or sea should be avoided for a while. Chlorine can irritate the puncture canal, germs can enter and cause infections. This can also happen if you play around with your fingers on the piercing – so better keep your hands away! It can also be helpful to wear loose clothing during the healing process. High-waisted pants should therefore be sorted out for the time being directly after the stitching.

Piercing on the baby bump: Is it possible?

At the beginning of pregnancy, you can leave your navel piercing in,” says Dr. Mandy Mangler, head of gynecology and obstetrics at the Vivantes Auguste Viktoria Clinic in Berlin. However, in 15 to 20 percent of women, the navel bulges outward when the abdomen becomes larger. In this case, the gynecologist advises to remove the piercing. "It will most likely not hold anymore, because the skin on the belly is extremely taut", Mangler says.

Will a piercing hole on the navel close up again?

Some women part with their belly button piercing in the course of pregnancy; others find at some point that it simply no longer suits them. But of course no one wants to have a hole in their belly. So does it close up again when you remove the piercing, or do you have to let it grow? Dr. Alice Martin, dermatologist and co-founder of the Dermanostic telepractice, says: "When piercing the navel, a relatively thin layer of skin is pierced. Nähen is therefore usually not nötig." However, it can take one to two months until the hole is overgrown. "This is because the skin stem cells need about 28 days to regenerate", explains the dermatologist.