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Beauty tools for the face that convince us

In addition to day cream, serum or makeup remover products, the daily skincare routine for the face also includes beauty tools such as massage rollers or blackhead removers. We have compiled our favorite tools for the face.

Jade roller and Gua Sha

Anastasia, Junior Affiliate & Campaign Manager
Mein liebstes Beauty-Tool fürs Gesicht sind Jade roller and Gua Sha, die ich mir im Set gekauft habe, um meine Gesichtspflege-Routine zu verfeinern. Den Roller verwende ich jeden Tag, entweder morgens und/oder abends zum Massieren. Das kühlende Gefühl gibt’s inklusive. Den etwa handgroßen Stein Gua Sha aus Rosenquarz verwende ich neben dem Gesicht auch zur Nacken- und Beinmassage, weil er die Muskulatur lockert und die Durchblutung ankurbelt.

Beauty tool for the face: Konjac sponge

Jennifer, photo editor
I use a Konjac sponge made of natural root. It is hard when dry and becomes soft and fluffy when soaked in water. I use it to wipe my face once a week. The sponge cleanses and exfoliates the skin – and is also to regulate its PH value. A real glow booster!


Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
For me, nothing goes without my tweezers! I use them not only to keep my eyebrows in shape, but especially for my eyelashes. After applying mascara, I separate my lashes with the fine tweezer blades and then I use the beauty tool to glue on my individual lashes. The shape of the tweezers is crucial: they must be flat to separate the lashes precisely and the gripping jaws must be as wide as possible and only slightly angled so that they can hold and place the fake lashes well. My favorite for this purpose: the Zwilling 78146-101-0 Twinox tweezers (approx. 14 euros).

Beauty tool for the face: blackhead remover

Katharina, editor Tikbow
Granted "blackhead remover" doesn’t sound sexy. It is not, but the small, two-sided tool can really do what it promises. Because it can be used to remove unsightly skin congestion quite easily (and much more hygienically than with your fingers!). To do this, press one of the two small metal loops against the affected area with light pressure and pull it over the blackhead. The sebum will loosen and stick to the loop. Blackhead removers are available in all price categories and in every drugstore, I use a good utensil from the Dm own brand Ebelin (about 2.95 euros) made of stainless steel.

Face brush

Rita, Editor TECHBOOK
I have been using the Philips VisaPure facial cleansing brush for two years now. I prefer using the sensitive brush attachment and a mild soap. This way I can easily remove makeup and cleanse my skin deep down. The fast brush movements also reliably remove dead skin cells, leaving my skin feeling fresh and soft after cleansing. The brush is quite large, but slim, and fits well in the hand. The battery also lasts for quite a long time. The only drawback I see is the price. Both the Bürste and the attachments are not cheap.