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Beauty recommendations! 5 products that were real lucky finds

Hand on heart: advertising slogans often do not keep what they promise, especially in the beauty sector. So it’s all the nicer when you’re pleasantly surprised by your impulse purchase or realize that the cosmetic product everyone swears by on social media really does live up to the hype. We present our beauty lucky finds.

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution by The Ordinary

Larissa, Editor TRAVELBOOK
Since I stopped taking the pill, I have had skin problems like in my teenage years. That’s why I was looking for a long time for a product that could help me. Neither the hardcore chemical Clerasil nor natural helpers like tea tree brought visible improvements. Then I discovered on Instagram that more and more people were using a red mask. I researched and came across the "AHA 30% + BHA 2% Exfoliating Solution" from The Ordinary. After reading several reviews, I was skeptical at first, because many users told me that the chemical peeling is quite aggressive and I have very fair and sensitive skin. But after about two months of regular use, I can already say that the peeling (with proper use) had no negative effects, but on the contrary, my skin visibly improved. I am really excited – a beauty product that is definitely worth a recommendation!

Cleansing Scalp Scrub from Ikoo

Daniela, Editor Tikbow
Zugegeben: die Kopfhaut peelen hört sich sehr schmerzhaft an. Dennoch verspricht das Treatment für zu Hause abgestorbene Hautzellen und Produktrückstände aus dem Haar zu entfernen. Daher habe ich die Cleansing Scalp Scrub from Ikoo mit Meersalz und Hibiskusextrakt (ca. 250ml/15 Euro) ausprobiert. Die Konsistenz ist durch das Salz erstmal sehr grobkörnig, wird aber in Verbindung mit Wasser smoother und lässt sich gut in die Kopfhaut einmassieren. Kurz einwirken lassen, gut ausspülen und danach wie gewohnt mit Shampoo nachspülen, fertig. Meine Kopfhaut fühlt sich danach tatsächlich reiner und frei von Schuppen an.

Beauty recommendation "Plumping Lipliner" by Catrice

Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
After a pollutant check with the ToxFox app, I have said goodbye to my favorite lipliner and after some failures finally found a worthy replacement: the "Plumping Lipliner" by Catrice in the color "Cheers To Life" (0.35g/approx. 2.50 euros) – my beauty recommendation of the month. From the plumping effect I notice nothing but a light mint scent, but the lipliner is easy to apply, covers well, lasts relatively long and is also free of harmful substances. The only downer: There could be more product in the pen, finally, this is quite a lot of packaging for not even a gram of lipliner – which is therefore also used up pretty quickly.

Salt-Öl-Peeling Dead Sea Salt" from Isana

Angelika, Editor TRAVELBOOK
I recently bought the "salt Öl peeling Dead Sea Salt" from Isana at Rossmann. At first I was skeptical, because it is quite ölig, but that’s exactly the great thing about it: After massaging and showering off remains a light Ölfilm on the skin, so that this feels super soft, you need then also no lotion more. Also, the light scent of coconut is pleasant and not too penetrating. But be careful: Because of the Öls it can be quite slippery in the shower! All in all, however, the product has überzeugt me and I will buy it again. The 300 gram jar costs 2.79 euros.

Eyebrow Eyebrow Powder Set" from Trend it up

Sabrina, Product & Business Manager Tikbow
Out of necessity, I recently stumbled upon the "Eyebrow Eyebrow Powder Set" from Trend it up during my beauty shopping (approx. 2,95 Euro). As it turns out, a true Glücksgriff! The color is pleasantly pigmented and adapts well to my eyebrow color. With the brush lässt the product super präzise apply and naturally trace. The powder hält well, without to bröckeln or to let go. From my point of view an absolute Überraschung für a low price.