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Beauty hacks with mineral water that work immediately

Mineral water is much more than just a sparkling drink and belongs in every beauty bag. Why? Tikbow knows three beauty and fashion hacks.

1. fresh complexion thanks to mineral water

A quick trick that brings new freshness to the face in an instant: pour some mineral water onto a small towel, place it on the face and décolleté, leave it on for a short time and then gently massage the skin with it. The fine carbon particles act as a gentle peeling, stimulating the skin’s blood circulation and metabolism. The result: a rosy and radiant complexion. Also great as an extra freshness kick on hot summer days.

2. shining hair

What’s good for the skin can’t hurt the hair either. What’s more, the head is even really happy about a bottle of mineral water. Thanks to carbonic acid, even the finest soap residues and chlorine or salt residues are rinsed out of the hair. This is noticeable after just one "bubble wash" the hair is visibly softer, more bouncy and shinier.

3. shine for trüben jewelry

Tarnished silver jewelry needs special care. But if you are too lazy to polish it, simply throw the necklace or ring into a bowl of mineral water (important: choose the type with the highest effervescence factor!) and wait a few minutes, the carbon dioxide blisters will do the rest. Then rub dry and everything shines like new again.