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Beauty all-rounder! Did you know what Vaseline can do?

Vaseline soothes dry skin areas. But the ointment also combines quite a few qualities of various beauty products – and all for a price of less than two euros. Didn’t you know? Tikbow knows seven ingenious hacks.

Vaseline ensures soft lips

Vaseline acts as a natural lip gloss, which also cares for the lips. And it is also suitable for lip peeling: Simply smear it onto the lips and rub off any excess skin with a toothbrush. The kissing mouth is already smooth again.

As a highlighter

Für a fresh glow, just a dab of Vaseline on the cheekbones is enough to create a subtle glow. The paste also works under the eyebrows as a highlighter for an awake, radiant look. But be careful: too much cream can clog the glands under the eye. But Vaseline is also great for a topless look: applied to bare track legs, it conjures up a shimmering glow.

Against flying hair

Hair standing on end? No problem, just rub a small amount of Vaseline into the palms of your hands and use it to gently smooth the surface of your hair. Please do not overdo it, otherwise the hair will become greasy.

Vaseline as protection when shampooing hair

Anyone who dyes their own hair knows the fear of stains on the forehead. This is unfounded if you spread a little Vaseline along the forehead contour. Attention: Please do not work too close to the hairline, otherwise even the hair can not hold the color.

For beautiful eyelashes

Instead of mascara, try Vaseline. Applied to an eyelash curler, it can be used to define the eyelashes, making them look smoother and fuller. This "eye make-up" does not even need to be removed and is caring on top.

Vaseline as eyebrow gel

Blond women in particular often have difficulty finding an eyebrow pencil that blends in harmoniously with their light complexion. To highlight the eyebrows without using the wrong color, Vaseline is excellent. Simply spread a dab on the brows with your fingertips and trace the shape with a Bürstchen, ready.

Prevents self-brushing mishaps

If you don’t want to glam it up with a posh blush, you can use a self-brush. But beware: on dry areas with a thicker horny layer, such as the hands, knees, elbows and heels, the color turns comparatively dark. The trick is to rub a little Vaseline into these areas beforehand so that the skin does not absorb the color so intensively.

Vaseline for make-up removal

Fat löst fat. So there’s no need to worry if you run out of makeup remover again – at least as long as you have Vaseline in the house. Simply put a small amount of it on a cotton pad and remove your makeup as usual. This even brings an advantage: You save the cream and tune the cold-stressed skin with an extra plus of fat versöhnlich. As always, do not overdo it. The greasy paste quickly clogs the pores.