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Anti-aging tips to keep hands looking young longer

While many “rejuvenate” their face or their body thanks to high-quality products or small interferences meanwhile, our hands age mostly unprotected before itself. But: Preventive measures can reduce skin aging to a large extent – also on the hands. Tikbow knows 10 anti-aging tips.

Thinking about sun protection

Excessive sunbathing also takes its toll on your hands and, in the worst case, causes them to age more quickly. The rays lead to the formation of free radicals in the skin, which impair the formation of collagen. The consequence: "wrinkles and the feared age spots", warns Dr. Timm Golüke, specialist for dermatology from Munich. With each sun bath therefore also the hands well rub – gladly with a high sun protection factor. In everyday life, apply hand cream with a sun protection factor every morning.

Use the right soap to slow down the aging process of the skin.

People have little sebum and hardly any fatty tissue on their hands. As a result, the skin dries out quickly and forms furrows at an early stage. This effect is exacerbated by frequent hand washing. Tip: It is better to use cleansing products sparingly and use mild washing lotions with moisturizing additives.

Wear gloves

Detergents and cleaning agents contain fatty oils that attack the skin. Always wear gloves when washing dishes and cleaning the house! And put a good cream on your hands after every contact with water.

Sleep well

Exfoliating the hands every night before going to bed should be a must. Apply a hand serum underneath. They contain an even more concentrated load of active ingredients. If necessary, use products that lighten pigment spots. "By the way, any hand cream, no matter how cheap, does more for improved elasticity than you might think. Even if the cream is supposedly absorbed quickly, it continues to release nourishing active ingredients into the skin,” confirms Gol. Especially in winter, our hands have to cope with a lot – keyword: stuffy heating air indoors, cold temperatures outside.

Exfoliate regularly so that the skin ages more slowly.

Not only on the face should you regularly use a scrub. Use special products for the hands with sea salt and grape seed oil. Simply wash your hands with it – it cleanses, exfoliates and cares for your skin all in one. And: Think of your hands in the beauty salon, too. Golükes tip: "Ask the beautician to treat them as well!"

Peeling potatoes

Rub your hands regularly with raw potatoes (slices or peels left over). They provide optimal moisture and smooth wrinkles. "This is due to the starch in the potato. In addition, it contains minerals and vitamins that also care for the skin,"confirms dermatologist Golüke. Tip: Mash cooked and peeled potatoes and mix with a little olive oil to form a mash. Apply the still warm mixture generously to the hands and put on disposable or cotton gloves. After about 20 minutes, rinse the DIY mask with cold water.

Avoid extreme doses

If you don’t have any natural fat deposits, age wrinkles will appear most quickly. Hands can also look old and bony more quickly in those who lift weights excessively. If there is no longer a small layer of fat that gently embeds the veins, then they become very prominent and make the hands look old faster.

Hyaluronic acid, so that hands age more slowly

Even the beauty doctor can actually rejuvenate the skin a little with small procedures, and you don’t have to go under the knife to do it. Fine lines are rehydrated by injecting them with hyaluronic acid,” explains Golüke. Beforehand, the skin is prepared with a bedding cream. After the procedure, small wheals are visible at the injection sites, visually comparable to stitches, but they disappear after a few days, the dermatologist promises. What remains is visually plumper skin. A session for both hands costs about 200 euros, and the result lasts for about half a year.


A mini-treatment at the dermatologist’s helps against sagging skin on the back of the hand. Here, 20 milliliters of the patient’s own blood are taken and centrifuged: The plasma obtained in this way is mixed with hyaluronic acid in a small tube. The dermatologist applies the solution to the skin with a so-called mesopistol. The stimuli from the gun and the growth factors from the serum immediately start to regenerate the skin,” explains the expert. One session costs about 300 euros. After two weeks it must be repeated and then again after approximately six months. The result should then last for two years.


The work with a so-called Ruby laser is the simplest method against age spots and has proven best so far. Individual spots are burned away, so to speak – however, thanks to local anesthesia, the procedure remains painless. Dark crusts remain on the corresponding areas, which fall off after about two weeks, and the spots are then completely gone," according to Golüke. In the first weeks patients should still avoid the sun, since the young skin layer is still very sensitive. Costs: From about 80 euros, depending on the extent of the area to be treated.