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After-sun care – why it is important, which products are suitable

For most people, applying sunscreen before sunbathing is a matter of course – but only a few apply it afterwards. But the right after-sun care is at least as important as sun protection. Tikbow explains why after-sun care is so important and which products are best suited for this purpose.

Why is after-sun care so important?

The sun hurts the skin

Instead of just enjoying your crispy chest after a sunny day, you should also consider it as a symptom. Strictly speaking, not only severe sunburn, but also normal sunburn is a sign of cell damage. The skin thus shows that the cells have resisted the sun’s rays. Moderate stays in the sun are therefore not taboo, as long as pre- and after-sun care is taken.

The importance of tanned skin

It will all be brown tomorrow,” people used to say when the skin was a little red after sunbathing. However, it is not that harmless – even more severe forms of sunburn are physical inflammations. They lead to a stronger blood circulation, thereby the visible R&ütung of the skin. The worse said inflammation, the greater the need for action. Sometimes it may be necessary to take an aspirin, sometimes it is enough to cühlen – whether with yogurt or a suitable product.

The skin dries out

On a hot summer day, the body sweats and loses more fluid through the skin. In addition, salt and chlorinated water put additional strain on the skin barrier. The result: the skin dries out. To prevent this from leading to flaky, wrinkled skin, it is essential to moisturize the skin. Normally, a standard body lotion is suitable for this purpose. But depending on how long and intensively you have been exposed to the sun, it may not be enough. Special after-sun products promise to care for your skin and regenerate it, but how useful are they really?

The right after-sun care

"After Sun" means "after the sun". Accordingly, the composition of so-called after-sun body lotions is geared to the needs of the skin after sunbathing: On the one hand, they contain valuable moisture and soothing ingredients that are beneficial after a hot day.

Attention to allergy sufferers: some of these products contain menthol or a lot of alcohol, which are naturally soothing but can irritate sensitive skin. In this case, it is better to use natural aloe vera or a product containing hydrocortisone. The weak-acting cortisone decongestant is not entirely controversial either, as it can make the skin thinner (at least with long-term use).

Basically, it doesn’t always have to be special after-sun products: Some beauty products that we use all year round are also perfect for sun-stressed skin. For example, anything that stimulates collagen synthesis such as depigmenters, hyaluronsäure or products containing vitamin C as radical scavengers.

In the case of severe sunburn, you should ask at the pharmacy or well-stocked drugstore for a more intensively acting preparation with repair enzymes. Studies show that such products can reduce sunburn. At the latest, if your burn is accompanied by blisters and fever, a visit to the doctor is highly recommended.

Are special after-sun products useful?

As reported by NDR, a study by the University of Hamburg showed that all after-sun lotions tested in the study were able to significantly reduce water loss from the skin. The conventional body lotion, which was also analyzed in the course of the study, could not keep up with the special after-sun products. There were few differences between the various after-sun products, however, – the cheap products performed ähnlich as well as the expensive ones.

So after-sun products are certainly suitable for cooling and soothing the skin. But what even the special products can’t – repair the skin. If the cells are so damaged by repeated sunbathing that the body can no longer repair them, altered cells develop, which can ultimately lead to skin cancer. So proper sun protection is still a must.

How long should one use after-sun products?

After-sun products should be applied no later than two hours after sunbathing, as the majority of the skin’s regeneration processes take place within the first 12 hours. After-sun products should not only be applied directly after sunbathing, but also for weeks afterwards, in order to provide the skin with sufficient moisture.

Will burns last longer with after-sun products?

After-sun products can actually make the skin last longer. Finally, they nourish the skin and prevent it from drying out too much and peeling, in which case the top layer of skin would be damaged and so would the complexion. Some products also contain additional self-burning agent. This can help to further intensify the natural summer complexion.