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7 tips to find the right perfume

Fragrances are a nice addition to the daily beauty ritual. But finding the right perfume for yourself or others is sometimes not so easy. Tikbow explains how to find the right one, how to buy it properly and also how best to give it as a gift.

Oriental or floral, leathery or fresh, for your best friend or for yourself – anyone looking for a fragrance in a perfumery is above all one thing: overwhelmed. But it’s actually quite easy to find a nice perfume that will keep you happy for a long time.

Do not test too much

Of course, the smell is crucial in a fragrance. But not every nose can test any number of Düfte and then still recognize the difference. Therefore, the selection should be narrowed down as much as possible. For a rough selection, the favorite fragrances can first be tested on cardboard strips. Once the first favorites have been selected, the nose should be neutralized with coffee. Sniffing fresh coffee beans or drinking an espresso actually neutralizes odors. When it comes to the details, düfte should definitely be tested on the wrist or on the handrücken.

In order to find the right perfume, you have to plan time.

Only in contact with the skin a perfume reveals how it  really will smell. You should take 10 to 15 minutes here, only then the fragrance also unfolds. Natural ingredients, for example, react to the warmth of the body and thus develop a different dynamic. And even if synthetic ingredients hardly change, it is worth testing whether you like them on your body. If you are not sure, you should even try several hours with the perfume and see if it really suits you.

Trust the fragrance experts

There is an almost infinite number of perfumes on the market. No wonder that one is quickly overwhelmed. To be advised is therefore particularly important for perfumes. It’s perfect if you like the salesperson and trust him or her with your choice. They usually get special training and thus know more details, for example, about the ingredients of the perfüms. In this way, they can help steer the selection in the right direction and better identify preferences.

To find the right perfume, you have to be open to new things.

Just as style frequently changes over the course of a lifetime, so should fragrance. Many people have been wearing the same perfume for years. Yet every year, countless new fragrances come on the market, which could perhaps fit even better to your own style and character. Therefore, you should always keep your eyes or nose open and just let yourself in for something different.

Choosing the intensity

Some people can be smelled at a distance of 100 meters, others seem to merge with their scent. Decisive for how others perceive the scent is, of course, the intensity, but also the quantity. It’s best to try out a little less first – you can always add more. By the way: It is a fallacy that Eau de Parfüm lasts longer than an Eau de Toilette. If a fragrance is high quality and designed with natural ingredients, an eau de toilette can even last longer.

More content means lower price

Particularly with perfumes, a larger bottle often means that you get more for your money. The price per milliliter can be up to 40 percent lower if you choose 100 milliliters instead of 30 milliliters. So if you’re pretty sure about your choice, you can save a euro or two here.

How to find the right perfüm to give as a gift

Giving a fragrance as a gift is impossible? Not necessarily. The important thing is to prepare properly: just keep your eyes, nose and ears open to find out which perfumes the person usually uses. Make a note of the names and consult a salesperson the next time you visit a perfume store. He or she can make a recommendation for a new perfume based on the existing fragrances. Of course, even small 30- or 50-milliliter bottles are sufficient to give as a gift.