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7 beauty tricks with which we refresh ourselves in summer

Summer, sun, heat wave – in the coming days, temperatures will climb to well over 30 degrees. Of course, the best way to cool down is to take a dip in the cold water – but what can you do if you can’t make it to the lake or the pool? We reveal our favorite refreshment tricks to keep a cool head at home and on the road.

Cooling foot bath for summer refreshment

Sabrina, Product & Business Manager Tikbow
Especially on hot days, home office is sometimes a real challenge. To refresh myself before long meetings in the summer, I like to take a cooling foot bath and put the bowl of cold water under my desk. This way I keep a cool head even on very hot days and also boost my circulation a bit.

Ice-cream scooter for the cool-down in between

Katharina, Editor Tikbow
On warm days, I enjoy a little refreshment ritual right after getting up: after washing my face, I massage it for a few minutes with an ice roller. I always keep it ready for use in the freezer. The large roller runs gently over the face and makes sure that any puffiness or swelling disappears quickly. Afterwards, the skin feels nice and cool and is ready for the following beauty routine.

Ice cube for the wrist

Larissa, Editor TRAVELBOOK
I am very sensitive to heat and when the temperature is over 30 degrees I prefer to spend the day directly by the water. If that’s not possible, I try to cool off with frozen water – an ice cube is then my best friend. I find it particularly effective to rub the ice cube over my wrists. The cold doesn’t feel quite as extreme here as it does on other parts of the body, but my body cools down quickly and when the ice cube has melted, I can stand it for a few hours.

Mini ventilator for summer refreshment

Angelika, Editor TRAVELBOOK
A friend gave me a mini desk fan, it is saving me right now in the home office because I live in the attic. If I didn’t have the fan, I would probably be sitting in front of my computer sweating in the summer – but this way I can refresh myself in between.

Chilled creams and foundations

Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
Even on hot summer days I like to wear make-up. My trick to avoid sweating while putting on make-up: Cream from the refrigerator. Storing it at about 6 degrees does not harm the cosmetic product and gives it a fresh kick in the morning. I also like to put foundation in the refrigerator in the summer to refresh myself while applying it – but you should be careful that the cool storage does not change the consistency of the covering makeup cream.

Facial spray for refreshment in summer

Daniela, Editor Tikbow
I use a facial spray with hyaluron for an instant freshness kick. I spray it on my face in the morning and in between during the day and feel much more awake afterwards. In addition, hyaluronic acid moisturizes and boosts wrinkle reduction.

Hand spray

Alina, photo editor
For me, nothing is possible in the summer without my handfächer! I was inspired by this during my stay in Cuba and since then I also use a fan on really hot days at home. It not only provides the necessary refreshment in the summer, but is also a nice accessory.