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6 Beauty tips for a beautiful back

Whether deep back necklines, off-shoulder pieces or bikinis – our backs are in the spotlight this summer. So it’s high time to take good care of this usually neglected part of the body. Tikbow reveals the best beauty tricks for a beautiful back.

That is why the back needs special care.

In the daily beauty routine, the back of the neck is usually forgotten – but it is important to care for it properly. The good news is that even if you forget to apply cream regularly, the skin on your back rarely dries out. This is due to the fact that there are relatively many sebaceous glands on the back, much more than on the leg, for example. The bad news is that there are also more sweat glands on the back than on the rest of the body, which can become clogged due to constant sebum production and then cause impurities.

So most women rarely have to deal with dry, flaky skin on the back of the neck, rather than small pimples and blackheads. However, because the back of the neck is not in view and is difficult to reach, this problem area is often neglected.

Care tips for a beautiful skin

Gentle care for the Rücken

Water is usually sufficient for cleansing the skin, unless you have a tendency to impurities. Then the use of gentle and pH-neutral shower gels is necessary to cleanse the skin optimally and to remove dead skin cells.

Moisture is better than grease

Anyone with a tendency to impurities should use a moisturizer that contains little oil after showering. Because: The skin of our Rückens must be cared for just like other parts of the body. However, due to the high proportion of sebaceous glands, a light body lotion should be used so as not to clog the pores. Creams, shower gels or bath oils should also generally not contain too much lipid. Body sprays are ideal for all those who have difficulty applying lotion to their own skin.

Regular exfoliation

Massage brushes with soft natural bristles stimulate blood circulation, making the skin rosy and removing horniness. Regular exfoliation, also with aids such as washing sponges or brushes, is particularly effective in removing horniness. In addition, a long-handled brush is simply better for reaching the skin surface.

Breathable clothing

If you are prone to blemishes, it is better to avoid too tight clothing made of synthetics, so that the skin can breathe well. Also, when doing sports, be sure to wear sports bras and T-shirts made of high-quality materials. Cotton clothing is ideal, as it allows the skin to breathe.

Sauna visits stimulate the metabolism

Sauna visits stimulate the metabolism in particular. Very beneficial: a visit to the Hamam. First the skin is softened by the steam in the sauna area, then the body is exfoliated, massaged, wrapped and scrubbed during a cosmetic treatment. The result: baby soft skin – even on the Rücken.

Deep cleansing to care for the skin

Deep cleansing treatments can be booked with the beautician not only for the face, but also for the back. Those who tend to have impure skin on the back can do something good for themselves with this treatment.