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6 beauty and fashion hacks! Did you know what tea bags can do?

Tea bags can be used for much more than just preparing delicious hot drinks. Do you want to dispose of them immediately in the organic waste bin? No way! We reveal 6 ingenious beauty and fashion hacks with tea bags.

Tea bag trick for torn fingernail

A torn nail not only looks unsightly, but can also be quite painful – fortunately, the tea bag trick promises relief. All you need is an unused tea bag, scissors, clear nail polish and a colored nail polish. Here’s how it works: Cut open the tea bag, empty the contents of the bag and cut a small rectangle out of the fabric. This should be about as wide as the nail. Next, apply a layer of clear nail polish to the torn nail and place the rectangle on top. Another layer of clear varnish follows and as soon as this has dried, the colored varnish is brushed over it – done!

New shine for dark leather thanks to tea bags

Moist black tea bags are a great and extremely effective care product for dark smooth leather. To use it, simply rub all areas vigorously with several wet tea bags and polish with a dry, soft cloth. After treatment with the tea bag, the shoes shine again.

Üble odors from shoes drive out

Whether during sports or in summer, feet quickly become sweaty and sneakers start to smell unpleasant. Thereby there is the perfect means to neutralize the smell über Nacht history: Simply a black tea bag dried again after use in the sneaker put and the next morning smell the kicks so neutral, as if nothing had ever been.

Soothe minor burns or itching

The tannins (vegetable tannins) contained in black tea soothe mild skin irritations, especially sunburn, Rötungen and itchy spots. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect of the substance is even so good that it is extracted for expensive food supplements and cosmetics. By the way: Especially when camping, this can prove useful if tea bags are at hand, but no cooling gel. To do this, simply press a wet-cold bag on the affected areas, this alleviates the itching.

Quick freshness kick for puffy eyes

After a long night, puffy eyes tend to appear the next morning. Here, too, the tannins found in green and black tea provide relief. To do this, place the damp bag briefly in the freezer and then place it on the closed eyelids for a few minutes. The tea bag trick does not work, however, in the case of dark circles caused by illness or poor diet. In this case, it is better to go to the doctor to clarify the exact causes.

Tea bags as a bath additive

Many herbs are said to have healing, detoxifying or at least soothing effects, and they usually smell good thanks to the chemical oils they contain. This makes organic herbal tea a valuable bath additive: after a short brewing time of three to four sachets in running water, the beauty bathing fun can begin! A sage bath, for example, has an antiperspirant effect, lemon balm helps with insomnia, green tea provides an energy boost and thyme has an antispasmodic effect on menstrual cramps.