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4 razors for women that have convinced us

Wet razor, disposable blades or electric? Opinions differ on the choice of hair removal tool. But what works best? Here we present our 4 editorial favorites, thanks to which we get rid of annoying hair stubble not only in summer.

Hydro 3 Shaving Stick from Wilkinson Sword

Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
Wenn es um Rasierer geht, kaufe ich am liebsten in der "Männerabteilung" der Drogerie ein – die Rasierklingen kommen mir dort einfach schärfer und wesentlich langlebiger vor als jene, die für Frauen angeboten werden. Mein Favorit ist der Hydro 3 Shaving Stick from Wilkinson Sword (ca. 6 Euro). Der Nassrasierer hat ein integriertes Gel-Reservoir, das zusätzliches Rasiergel überflüssig macht und obendrein für eine sanfte Rasur sorgt. Weiterer Pluspunkt: Die Klingen kosten beim Nachkaufen weniger als viele der Varianten für Frauen.

"Mach3" from Gillette

Angelika, Editor TRAVELBOOK
I have always used a wet razor in the shower every day. A friend gave me the tip a few years ago that razors for men are much sharper than those for women, whereupon I bought the Gillette Mach3 (about 10 euros). In fact, you get a very smooth result, even in the intimate area. The blades are not quite cheap at around 2 euros per piece, but they cost even less than the blades for Gillette women’s razors (e.g. Venus) and last much longer.

"Extra Smooth Sensitive" by Gillette Venus

Marlene, working student TECHBOOK
I have been using the Gillette Venus "Extra Smooth Sensitive"razor (approx. 8 euros) for many years. It simply serves its purpose: My legs are smooth after shaving, I have no skin irritations and the cost is kept within limits.

Silk-épil 7" by Braun

Rita, Editor TECHBOOK
I bought the epilator Braun "Silk-épil 7" (about 110 euros) a few years ago. It comes with several attachments, including an electronic shaver. I use the epilator mostly on the legs, the shaver attachment on the whole body. I find three things particularly practical: First, the epilator is cordless, which makes it very flexible. The waterproof housing also allows it to be used in the shower. A small light makes even small härchen still visible, which makes me a very gründliche application succeed. I then usually have two weeks of peace before the first stubble grows back. Braun promises particularly gentle hair removal, which I can indeed confirm. The application is not painless, but that is not to be expected with epilation.