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3 self-tanners that have convinced us

For a healthy summer glow, we recommend using a self-tanner. It is available as a spray, mousse, drops or also in cloth form. Which one convinces with a particularly stain-free application on the skin? Our fake tan favorites at a glance.

Love at first tan – self-breast mousse from b.tan

Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
My skin tone is unfortunately very far away from bräunt, even the sun can not save much. Therefore, I have now ventured to fake bräune from the can and bought on the recommendation of a friend the "Love at first tan"-Self-bräuner mousse of b.tan (200 ml / about 10 euros). This is vegan, paraben-free and wants to prevent the typical orange self-bräuner look with a purple base. After the recommended hour of application time, I have but still no difference können can, lässt one the self-bräuner but üabsorbed overnight, überzeugt the result. The application succeeds with a little Übungung streak-free, the color is not too strong or too warm and the whole does not rub off on the clothes. I’ve never had legs look as beautiful as they do now, even though the sun-kissed look only lasts about a week.

"Self-Bräuner Mousse Develop" from St. Moritz

Larissa, Editor TRAVELBOOK
I tried self-bräuner last summer for the first time in ten years, after the procedure ended in unsightly marks on my skin back then. This time I have für the "self-bräuner Mousse Develop" from St. Moritz decided. With about 8.95 euros für 200ml it is still absolutely affordable and especially with light skin and if you do not want too dark complexion also very productive. If you put cream on beforehand and use a tanning glove, you don’t have to fear any stains. The self-burning cream is also quickly absorbed, you can wear clothes again shortly after application without rubbing off. The only disadvantage in my opinion is that the complexion remains only quite short "gebräunt". If you want a permanent tan, you will probably have to re-tan every two weeks.

Self-Tanning Drops" by Isle of Paradise

Daniela, Editorial Manager Tikbow
An Selbstbräunerspray oder -mousse habe ich mich nie rangetraut, zu groß die Angst, dass meine Haut danach fleckig aussehen könnte. Die Self-Tanning Drops" by Isle of Paradise (30ml, ca. 27 Euro) sind daher der perfekte Kompromiss für mich. Ich mische einfach zwei Tropfen in meine haselnussgroße Portion Tagescreme und creme mein Gesicht wie gewohnt ein. Die Haut wirkt sonnengeküsst, ohne fleckig auszusehen. Mein Tipp: Die Creme bis in den Haaransatz reiben, um Ränder zu vermeiden und danach ordentlich Hände waschen.