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Bangs trend Feathered Bangs properly style and maintain

A fringe cut that makes you look more feminine and can be worn in different lengths – these are Feathered Bangs. Sometimes they are also called Textured Fringes (tiered fringe). Feathered bangs can do one thing above all: accentuate and conceal face shapes – while offering many styling options.

Who does feathered bangs look good on?

For Feathered Bangs, the oval-symmetrical face is considered the ideal shape. With a suitable fringe cut, an asymmetry, for example, with a very round, long or angular face shape, can be well balanced. The feathery texture of feathered bangs is particularly suitable for those who are aiming for a soft, more feminine look and want to style it in a varied way. But which type does the feathered bangs look best on now?

Both square and heart-shaped face shapes get a softer expression from the loosely feathered fringe. Feathered bangs, however, can also be worn by oval faces, as this face shape is compatible with any fringe, according to many hairstylists. The shape of the face should also be taken into account when choosing the length and width of the bangs: For example, those who have a particularly long forehead, the face can be visually "shortened" – reaching to the eyebrow or even longer bangs then flatter the feathered expression best. If you want to conceal width, for example, heart-shaped head types, the fringe is best cut narrower and not from one side of the head to the other. Square faces are especially enhanced by medium length bangs.

Cut and maintain Feathered Bangs

If you want to approach the feathered fringe slowly, the following cutting technique is suitable: first, wide sections of the front hair are separated as a triangle with a comb. The rule is: cut the bangs longer and longer from top to bottom. Where the shortest point starts is determined by how short or long the feathered bangs are to be. So where to start? The point über the eyebrows as the shortest point is most women in the end result, however, usually already too short. Especially when the wet hair is cut, the result is often shorter than desired. Therefore, it is recommended to cut the feathery bangs when the hair is dry and to start below the cheek area. From there, it goes down at an oblique angle. The comb, which is twisted in at an angle, is an indispensable tool. To care for the bangs, leave-in conditioner and heat-protective spray are recommended, provided you also use a straightening iron or curling iron.

How to style feathered bangs.

For a bouncy, flowy look that frames the face, Feathered Bangs are easy to comb back. By setting them and fixing them, on the other hand, they get a special curl. Depending on your preference, they can also be worn tousled to the front or asymmetrically swept to the side. In contrast, the feather pony, which is symmetrically divided on both sides and can be loosened up by soft beach waves in the lengths, has a classic effect. Of course, Feathered Bangs can also be restyled with a hair iron or curling iron, so they look great especially with a ponytail or herringbone braid.

What is the difference with Layered Bangs?

Curtain Bangs, Side Bangs, Choppy Bangs – die Zahl der Pony-Variationen ist groß: Verwechslung gibt es oft mit den Layered Bangs. Während der fedrige Schnitt bei den Feathered Bangs unregelmäßig abgestuft ist, haben Layered Bangs einen mehrstufigen Lagen-Look, für den unterschiedliche, jedoch klar definierte Längen charakteristisch sind.