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Are there stylish work clothes and where can you find them?

There are many professions where work clothes are common and also mandatory for various reasons. You know from the medical field the classic white doctor’s or nurse’s coat, the work uniform of security guards or even the work clothes of construction workers. Work clothing can serve to recognize and distinguish workers and indicate authority to issue instructions, as is the case with security personnel, for example. For construction workers, the focus is clearly on the safety aspect. They must be easily recognizable to colleagues on the construction site by means of signal colors or high-visibility vests, and the clothing must be able to protect them from hazards. For example, the helmet and shoes with safety caps can protect against falling objects, and the so-called cutting pants can protect against cuts with the chainsaw.

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Another important and typical aspect of workwear for all professions is functionality. Functional are of course many different large pockets directly on the clothing, so that you can quickly have the work utensils at hand. Medical clothing or clothing that is heavily soiled must also be able to withstand very high washing temperatures and dry cleaning. Workwear, of course, cannot go with the latest fashions, as is the case with corporate fashion, for example. Corporate fashion is usually made for corporations or very exclusive companies that offer high-priced products and also appear at trade shows. Nevertheless, workwear does not have to sacrifice style and a certain sophistication. If you also like to look the part at work, today it’s made easy with workwear in a wide range of sizes, colors and cuts – no one has to settle for unattractive, baggy workwear anymore. Take a look at the workwear at as an example.

What to look for in stylish workwear?

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In specialized stores, men and women can find the right thing for almost all industries. To look stylish, you should first pay attention to the right size and fit. So if you are very slim, you should not hide in an XXL polo shirt. Also, the other extreme – too tight or too small clothes, does not look nice. Think here of the so-called “mason’s cleavage”. If something no longer fits you, try to sell it secondhand to colleagues in the same industries rather than wearing it out at all costs. Also make sure that top and pants or skirt match in material and colors. Here it makes sense to buy directly everything coordinated in a set. This also applies if you need to wear, for example, a headdress or scarf. If something fits you particularly well, stands or pleases and it is perhaps even still in the special offer, buy the part directly twice.

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The icing on the cake of a professional outfit are the shoes. Many safety and work shoes today look like normal casual shoes from the outside, but they comply with all the safety regulations that are necessary, for example, for skilled trades. So prefer such lookalikes to come across stylish. Also, for many professions, it makes sense to have clothes ready for the season so that you don’t have to combine work clothes with inappropriate casual clothes.

Cost and choice of work clothes

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Now, the objection may come that you would need an expansive amount of work clothes to look good every day. The answer is no. Work clothes, if chosen well, are stylish enough to be used as casual wear. Many t-shirts, sweaters or jackets are outwardly indistinguishable from athletic wear. Also include this consideration from the beginning in your selection when buying. Work clothes should not be worn for leisure at the same time. On the one hand, in order to create a separation between work and leisure for your own well-being, and on the other hand, in order not to miss out on the benefits of clothing through tax deductibility.

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By the way, if the work clothes are required by law, the employer has to pay. Find out in advance where you can save through such perks. If you have any ideas on how to spice up your company’s workwear or which models are more stylish, just talk to your boss in a quiet minute. Workwear in the company must be at least uniform in color and is an important part of the external image and respectability of a company. Employees in stylish work clothes therefore definitely serve the reputation of the company. You can include this as an argument in the interview.

Store or online?

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Whether you buy your work clothes in a specialty store in your city or online is basically a matter of taste. The specialty store offers direct advice and saves a possible exchange, online shopping can be done comfortably from home. Many online stores offer telephone advice on their products and also a free exchange service. When shopping online, it is of course always easier to quickly compare many prices at once.

If you are a little unhappy to have to wear work clothes every day: Please don’t! Whether your work clothes are functional or stylish or even both, wear them with pride, because work clothes make you a professional!

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