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Handbags trends 2023: These are the models and colors that every fashionista will wear this year

Since the new year has already started, it’s time to reveal the handbags trends 2023 that will allow you to easily update any outfit. What are the models that you will see everywhere in 2023? Find out in this article!

What are the handbag trends 2023

Handbag Trends 2023 - These are the styles and colors that every fashionista will be wearing

The best designer bags are versatile, practical and timeless. As an investment, they are often classic in terms of color and silhouette, but they can also be eye-catching statement pieces that retain their value long after the season is over. These are the styles and colors every fashionista will be wearing in 2023.

Heavily structured models

The structured bag is ideal for work as it is big enough to hold your laptop

The structured handbag is ideal for work, as it’s big enough to hold your laptop and makes mobile work life easier. Picking up where 2022 left off, this model is available in a variety of colors, from black to bright pink and lime yellow. Regardless of the shades, the use of sturdy leather in structural shapes is the unifying element of this trend. Choose a classic black or opt for one of the big fashion trends of 2023 – like yellow or blue to add a pop of color to your look.

What to look for:

  • Simple lines: Look for sleek, streamlined silhouettes with minimal hardware. The minimalist design of these bags means they’re the best everyday carryalls, as they won’t overpower your office outfit. They’re also very practical, as you can fit everything you need in them for your daily commute to work.
  • Muted colors: Just because the shape is suitable for work, it doesn’t mean that the bag has to be boring black. In the new season, there are many beautiful muted shades that will make your bag stand out. Try olive green, burgundy or soft green.

Vegan and sustainable alternatives

Fashion brands are making an effort to be sustainable by using vegan alternatives to leather

The fashion industry is responsible for up to 10% of the world’s carbon emissions because it uses a lot of polyester, which is one of the main sources of microplastic pollution. And that’s not all: leather, a natural product, is not only harmful to the poor animals whose hides are used, but also the raising of these animals has a huge impact on the environment.

With this in mind, designer brands are trying to become more sustainable by thinking outside the box when it comes to the materials they use. Prada uses recycled nylon for some of its re-editions, while Stella McCartney, the pioneer in vegan leather, designed the first luxury bag made of Mylo, a faux leather made from mushrooms.

What to look for:

Vegan leather: nowadays there are so many leather alternatives like pineapple, cactus, apple and even mango leather. Cork is also an alternative.
Recycled: More and more brands are now using recycled polyester in at least some of their handbags. Polyester takes up to 200 years to decompose, so it’s much better to recycle it than throw it away.
Vintage: One of the best ways to help our planet is to buy vintage bags or second hand bags. In some cases they are more expensive than bags bought new, but in general you can get a great designer bag at a cheaper price.

Handbags Trends 2023 – Shiny Metallic Colors

A great way to add a dose of chic to a simple outfit is with a metallic bag

Metallics are not just for the holiday season. They will add glamour to our closets in 2023. And while gold remains a favorite, silver is having its moment in the spotlight as one of the big handbag trends of 2023.

Don’t just leave these glittering wonders to evening wear, though. An easy way to add a dose of chic to an outfit with a pair of jeans is with a metallic bag. Remember, fashion is supposed to be fun above all else, so mix up your evening and daytime wardrobe with a metallic bag!

What to look for:

Embellished bags: A metallic bag with gemstones or beads is the perfect accessory for the party and will make your best cocktail dresses look like they’re on the runway.
Tote bags: Usually metallic bags are small and cute for evening, but why not try a shiny tote this year? They’re a great way to add a little glamour to your daytime wardrobe and also work well for outfits you wear during the day.
Silver bags: silver has been out of fashion for a while, but it’s definitely back this season. Choose bags with a high mirror shine for the ultimate piece of arm jewelry.

Crescent shaped bag is a must have

Half moon shaped bag is a must have in 2023

A crescent shaped bag is a must for handbag trends 2023, with the ends of the bag rounded upwards and inwards to form the shape of a moon. This is the perfect handbag for all the minimalists out there. It is usually worn over the shoulder and hugs the arm tightly, creating a sleek look.

What to look for:

Muted tones: the half-moon bag can be worn both during the day and in the evening, making it an extremely versatile addition to your wardrobe. Choose a bag in a neutral, muted shade that goes with everything.
Micro: A micro half-moon bag is perfect for evening and will jazz up any outfit. The downside? It can’t carry much.

The big winner for 2023 – XL bags.

Handbag trends 2023 - The big winner is XL bags

After the long reign of micro bags, the XL bag is the big winner when it comes to handbag trends 2023. It proves that the new season’s bags can be both stylish and practical.

This trend works with something sleek, chic and tailored that can accentuate the oversized bag. Ideally, it’s a disproportionate use of the oversized handbag that creates the illusion that (the wearer) looks smaller – and the bonus, of course, is that you can carry a lot of stuff around with you!

What to look for:

Minimalist designs: an XL size minimalist design is all you need to send a fashionable message. Keep the silhouette simple and the embellishments to a minimum.
Quilting: Classic details like quilting look ultramodern in plus sizes.
Monograms: This Y2K trend isn’t going away as major fashion houses continue to rely on their iconic branding.

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