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Ear Cuff Earrings DIY: Easy DIY tutorials and lots of fashion inspiration!

Whether sporty, classic or elegant – the right jewelry rounds off any outfit and gives it a chic, fashionable touch. Statement earrings with stones, pearls or in cool minimalist and geometric shapes are among the most popular jewelry trends 2020. Especially with beautiful updos or short hair they come out super nice. And have you ever heard of Ear Cuffs? The earrings to clamp are currently conquering the catwalks and social media. But what exactly is it and how do you wear the trend in style? All this as well as some great DIY tutorials on how to make Ear Cuff earrings yourself can only be found in our article!

Rihanna Make Up Looks Ear Cuff Ohrringe zum klemmen

Translated from English, Ear Cuff means “cuff”. These trendy pieces are clip-on earrings that go all over the ear. Most models sit on the outer edge of the pinna and are adjusted to the ear by a slight bend. Ear Cuff earrings are available in many different shapes and designs – from eye-catching ones decorated with stones to barely visible, plain models, everything is available. To be sure that the earrings really fit, we recommend that you first measure your ear and cartilage circumference before buying. Whether for everyday wear or for an official evening event – the earrings round off any look wonderfully and always ensure a stylish appearance. However, the jewelry trend has another advantage and that is – for most models you do not even have to have pierced ears!

And that’s how easy it is to make your own Ear Cuff earrings!

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You find the jewelry pieces beautiful and would like to try the trend, but you do not want to spend money on expensive models? Then follow our DIY tutorial and create your own and unique Ear Cuff earrings! How you then still decorate and decorate them, is up to you.

For this you will need the following materials:

  • Craft wire with 1 mm diameter
  • Combination pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • fine nail file
  • pencil
  • thread, about 15 cm long
  • decorations of your choice – stones, beads, etc.

Making earrings to clip yourself – step by step instructions

Ear Cuff Ohrringe selber machen DIY Anleitung Ohrring zum klemmen

  • First, you need to use the thread to measure the place on your ear where you want to wear the earring later. Start in the inner ear and place the thread around the edge of the ear to the outside.
  • Using the combination pliers, cut about 20 inches off the wire. To avoid hurting yourself, we recommend rounding and smoothing the ends of the wire a bit with a fine nail file.
  • Now, using the round nose pliers, carefully wrap one end of the wire around the tip of the pliers.
  • Using the thread, measure the length you will need for the earrings to clamp and wrap the point completely around the tip of the pliers again. You should make sure that the two ends are facing the same direction.

wie Ear Cuff Ohrringe selber machen Schmuck Trends Frauen 2020

  • Depending on how wide you want the Ear Cuff earrings to be, you can bend the ends once or twice more. When you have the desired width, turn another eyelet and cut the usual wire with round nose pliers.
  • In this step, you can decorate the earrings as you like.
  • Finally, to give the Ear Cuffs a smooth and beautiful shape, slowly wrap them around a pencil.
  • Well now you just need to try the earrings and if necessary, squeeze them a little bit so that they sit well and tightly on the ear.

Make your own earring over whole ear for a rocking look

Ear Cuff Ohrringe selber machen DIY Anleitung Schmuck basteln einfach

Looking for chic and eye-catching jewelry to give your outfit that final polish? Then our next DIY tutorial for earrings that go over the whole ear is just the thing for you!

What you need for it:

  • fine wire with a diameter of 1 mm
  • silver spikes
  • 2 paper plates
  • two sponges
  • epoxy glue – available online or in any well-stocked hardware store
  • a pencil
  • a pair of needle nose pliers

Ear Cuffs selber machen einfach Ohrringe zum klemmen

  • First, measure the ear and cut a suitable piece of wire with needle nose pliers. Smooth the ends with a nail file.
  • Thread the spikes onto the wire and wrap the wire ends around the tip of the pliers.
  • Put the sponges on the paper plate and the wire ends in it so that the spikes hang upside down.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the epoxy glue according to package directions and stir the mixture with the pencil.
  • The next step is to be a little careful – to keep the epoxy glue from drying out, you need to work quickly.
  • Use the pencil to apply some glue to each spike and let everything dry overnight.
  • The next day, shape the wire into the desired form and fit it to the ear.

Ear Cuff earrings – more fashion ideas and inspiration.

Ear Cuff Ohrringe selber machen Anleitung Ohrring zum klemmen Trend

Decorate your ear cuff earrings with some stones for a luxurious and elegant touch.

Ear Cuff Ohrringe selber machen Schmuck Trends 2020

Small earrings that go all over the ear look equally cool and unique.

Ear Cuff Ohrringe silber klein Messy Bun Frisur lange Haare

We are not surprised that statement earrings are one of the most popular jewelry trends of the year.

Ear Cuff Ohrringe Trend Ohrring übers ganze Ohr

With the right hairstyle, you will bring your Ear Cuff earrings wonderfully into the scene.

Ear Cuffs was ist das Ohrring über ganzes Ohr Trend

Whether, beads, stones or soft feathers – there are absolutely no limits to your imagination when decorating.

Ohrringe die übers ganze Ohr gehen Schmuck Trends 2020 Feder-Ohrringe

Or how about matching the color of the small pieces of jewelry to your outfit?

Ohrring zum klemmen selber machen DIY Anleitung Schmuck Trends Frauen

There are also many beautiful models with plugs for ear holes.

Ohrringe die übers ganze Ohr gehen Schmuck Trends 2020 Frauen

Earring over whole ear in filigree geometric shapes for a romantic and playful look.

Pferdeschwanz Frisur lange Haare Ohrring übers ganze Ohr tragen

Thread a few pearls or small gold chains for the perfect evening look.

Perlen-Ohrringe Ear Cuffs Schmuck Trend 2020

No matter the occasion, you’ll always catch everyone’s eye with statement jewelry.

Ohrringe zum Klemmen selber machen Schmuck Trends 2020

An updo will make your clip-on earrings stand out even more.

Schmuck Trends 2020 Ear Cuffs Ohrring wie tragen

An Ear Cuffs set looks really cool and is perfect for those who want a simple and still trendy look.

Schmuck Trends 2020 Ohrring übers ganze Ohr Trend