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9 mistakes that ruin your clothes – and how to do it better

Clothes can ruin themselves faster than you think. The storage in the closet alone holds many pitfalls, which can, for example, affect the fabric. Tikbow shows nine mistakes that can destroy clothes, shoes and jewelry – and explains how to do it better.

1. never stuff or fold bras

When we talk about ruining clothes, underwear naturally counts in the ranking. Bras and especially push-ups don’t need to be stuffed or folded at all. Much better: Just put them loosely one behind the other in the drawer, so that the delicate cörbchen do not bend or lose their shape.

2. delicate fabrics do not belong in the dryer

Dryer heat is poison for delicate fabrics and can quickly ruin clothes. If you have silk, wool or cashmere garments, wrap them in a towel after washing and wring them out gently. Afterwards, simply spread the garment out on the washing rack and let it dry. This is more time-consuming, but you will enjoy the garment for longer.

3. do not wash swimwear too often

Swimwear should never end up in the washing machine after every visit to the beach or swimming pool. Otherwise, bikinis or swimsuits can quickly wear out and lose their color. So on vacation, a quick hand wash is usually enough to remove chlorine or salt water stains. At the end of the summer, however, you should carefully pack all your swimwear in a laundry bag and clean it with a mild detergent at low temperatures in the gentle program.

4. wire bügels ruin the clothes

During your next big closet makeover, dispose of the wire hangers at the same time! They cause bumps and deformed shoulders, especially on delicate fabrics like silk or cashmere. The solution: invest a few euros more in wooden handles, and your clothes will thank you.

5. avoid chain knots.

The eternal knäuel from chains and jewelry is a Gräuel and leaves not rarely scratches on the jewelry. If you don’t necessarily want to invest in an expensive jewelry box, you can easily convert muffin baking cups. In the small paper muffin bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces store separately from each other and the tiresome untangling has an end.

6. don’t ruin clothes: Not every item goes on the bügel.

Sweatshirts and sweaters should not be stored hanging up, but folded and put in the drawer, otherwise the fibers will warp and become unsightly. Pants, on the other hand, should not be folded to avoid an unsightly stripe down the middle of the leg. Always hang pants on clip-on hangers! It does not matter what kind of pants you are wearing: Jeans, leather or cloth pants – please all on Bügel.

7. store shoes individually

It is not a good idea to put all your shoes in a big box for the winter. This can cause permanent creases and the shoes will get scratches and cracks more quickly. Shoes feel most comfortable stored neatly on a shoe rack. Summer sandals and sneakers must be cleaned before winter storage, otherwise dirt will accumulate on the surface.

8. let sports clothes dry first, then wash them.

After a workout, we like to throw sweaty socks, sports bras and T-shirts directly into the laundry basket so that they are quickly out of smell range. But wet sweaty parts start locked in the laundry basket after a very short time to smell really. It’s better to let them dry first and then wash them quickly. Nasty musty smells never go away completely, even after many washes.

9. use clothes and dust bags

Clothes, suits and shoes that are only intended for special occasions and therefore rarely leave the closet should definitely be stored in a garment bag or dust bag. Otherwise, you quickly run the risk of a layer of dust forming on the items, which is difficult to remove again. In the garment bag, your expensive shoes will remain a real value investment in the closet.

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