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8 beauty hacks with lemon for skin and hair

Lemons are not only vitamin C bombs, but also real beauty boosters! Tikbow knows how the acidic fruit can help with blackheads, brittle nails or flaky scalp.

Helps against blackheads and acne

Lemon juice has an antibacterial effect, which makes it a popular ingredient of so-called fruitäure or AHA peelings. If you don’t want to reach for a processed beauty product, you can also harness the effects of lemon juice quite simply: Simply cut open a lemon and rub the juicy side over your face. But please use this tip only if the skin is neither very dry nor irritated, otherwise the lemon treatment will burn unpleasantly!

Additionally, a few drops of honey (also anti-inflammatory) can be drizzled on the lemon half and applied specifically to the areas where the blackheads are located. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, leave on for five to ten minutes, then rinse off with water. Afterwards, be sure to apply a rich and preferably fragrance-free face cream, as the skin is sensitive and easily irritated after the treatment.

Lightens pigmentation spots and scars

The natural fruit acid contained in lemons slightly lightens acne scars and pigment spots, thus adjusting them to the natural skin tone. However, care should be taken with wounds: If the skin is injured, lemon juice should not be applied under any circumstances, as this can burn severely and bacteria can also get into the wound.

Bleaches teeth

Professional bleaching products are expensive. The homemade alternative, on the other hand, is easy on the wallet: Simply mix baking soda with lemon juice and carefully apply the solution to the teeth with a cotton swab. Leave it on for a maximum of one minute and then remove it. The citric acid is very strong, which is why the enamel can be damaged if the paste remains on the teeth for too long. Also, the DIY bleaching procedure should not be repeated too often, because it is anything but gentle to the teeth.

Helps against oily skin

Have you already tried everything possible to get rid of the shine on your skin? Try the following beauty hack with lemon: dilute some citrus juice with water in the evening, apply it to a cotton pad, wipe it over your face and rinse it off thoroughly in the morning. The annoying shine issue should be passé with it.

Lightens hair

The acidity contained in lemon alters the pH of the hair and removes pigments – thus lightening the hair naturally. To do this, mix a little lemon juice with conditioner and apply one strand at a time. The whole thing works best if you expose the mane additionally to the sun – so the hair naturally bleaches out. However, the procedure should not be repeated too often, because the acid dries out the hair strongly. Afterwards, it is best to use a rich hair care product to counteract this.

Strengthens the nägels

There are plenty of products on drugstore shelves that are supposed to make fingernägel härter and healthier. But the same results can be achieved with natural products: Simply mix oliveöl with lemon juice and massage it in. The beauty mixture with lemon nourishes and strengthens soft and chapped nails, and lightens yellow discoloration.

Fights dandruff

Dry scalp? A do-it-yourself hair mask made of coconut or olive oil with a little natural honey and a squeeze of lemon juice will help. For this, simply mix all the ingredients and massage into the scalp. Leave on for about half an hour and then wash hair with a mild shampoo.

Removes self-burning stains

Whether stripes, stains or orange skin – when using self-bräuner a lot can go wrong. But lemon juice can help against the unwanted stains: Simply squeeze a fresh lemon, soak a washcloth with the juice and gently rub the skin with it. This way, the excess oil can be easily removed.