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7 out of 20 compact powders contaminated with heavy metals according to “Ökotest

Compact powders actually always contain natural substances. What is good in itself, however, could become a problem – if guideline values for health-endangering heavy metals are exceeded.

"Underground" überschreibt the magazine "Ökotest" of their analysis of compact powders. Laboratories found heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and antimony in seven out of 20 products. And they did so at levels that could have been avoided during manufacture, according to "Ökotest". In addition, the contact allergen nickel was found in every second powder.

"Ökotest": Four out of 20 compact powders are "very good"

This resulted in a poor rating: A good third of the products received the grade "poor" or "unsatisfactory". Only four out of 20 products meet all requirements – and receive the grade "very good".

Problematic contents partly explainable

However, it is important to know: A certain amount of the problematic heavy metals can be explained, because the powders contain natural components from underground deposits. These are, for example, the fat- and moisture-absorbing minerals talc, kaolin or silicon dioxide. Iron oxides and mica bring color to the powder.

Heavy metals also get into the products via these natural soil substances, which is quite normal for the time being. None of the compact powders tested is therefore completely free of heavy metal contamination.

However, since these substances can be hazardous to health, companies are prohibited from deliberately including them in cosmetic products. However, this seems to have been the case: The guideline values for what is considered technically unavoidable in manufacturing were partly üexceeded in this test.

No acute health risk

However, "Ökoitest" also writes: "The contents detected by the laboratory are all still within ranges where consumers need not fear any acute health risk."

These are the compact powder test winners

Test winners with the grade "very good" are: Benecos Natural Compact Powder (Mattifying, Porcelain, Provider Cosmondial)", Terra Naturi Compact Powder (02 Natural Beige)", Essence Mattifying Compact Powder (11 Pastel Beige)" and Got2b Powder’ful Setting Powder (Banana)".

Compact powder is pressed powder and some of the products act like a foundation, others are only intended for fixing the make-up base. The small products are often easy to transport and are therefore also practical for refreshing make-up in between.

Ökotest report
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