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7 hair oils we recommend

Hair oil wants to make the hair supple, supply it with moisture and thus prevent split ends. But not every product helps every hair structure and you should also pay attention to the ingredients when buying hair oil. Here we present our 7 favorite products – from high-priced hairdressing products to homemade oil blends.

"Ritual of Ayurveda Dryöl" from Rituals.

Recommended by Anna-Marija, dual student at BOOKs.
I like to use the "Ritual of Ayurveda Dryöl" by Rituals (100 ml/approx. 20 euros), which can be used both for the hair and for the body. It gives my hair a nice shine and prevents it from looking straw-like after combing. I often had problems before with my längen after using hairöl looked strähnig – but not with this product! This is probably due to the extremely light consistency, which is somehow so not ölig. In addition, the smell is just great.

"Hairöl Intense Repair" by Longhairädchen

Recommended by Melanie, Editor FITBOOK
Ich nutze gerne das "Hairöl Intense Repair" by Longhairädchen (150 ml/ca. 5 Euro). Schon ein paar Tropfen reichen aus, um mein strapaziertes Haar geschmeidiger und leichter kämmbar zu machen. Außerdem liebe ich seinen zarten Duft.

"Treatment hairöl" by Morrocanoil

Recommended by Daniela, Editorial Manager Tikbow
My hair is dry and needs a lot of moisture, so I have already tried a few hairöle. Among my favorites is definitely the "Treatment hairöl" by Morrocanoil (25ml, about 17 euros). This is free of palmöl, parrafines, parabens, alcohol, amonia and sulfates, but is perfumed, which not every scalp tolerates. I love the pleasant scent and the smooth feeling it gives my hair, making it look not only shiny but also healthier.

"Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil" by Oribe

Recommended by Jennifer, photo editor BOOKs
My hair is unfortunately a bit dead-blonded, but with the Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil from Oribe (100 ml/approx. 60 euros) it can still be beautifully shaped and looks well-groomed. The Öl smells of jasmine, bergamot and sandalwood, it is free of parabens and super productive. You can use it as a cure or directly when styling, the hair is not weighed down. The only drawback: At the price, the whole thing should actually come in a glass bottle and not in plastic!

"Luxe Oil Chroma Elexir"-Hairöl by Wella SP

Recommended by Sabrina, Product & Business Manager Tikbow
With the hairdressing product "Luxe Oil Chroma Elexir" from Wella SP (100ml, ca.21 Euro) my hair feels silky smooth after blow-drying without weighing it down and has a light glow. The small bottle, of which I always give only one to two pump stöße in my hair, hält with me for several months and is super productive.

Selfmade mixture with almond and castor oil.

Recommended by Anastasia, Junior Affiliate & Campaign Manager
I make my hair öl myself, because then I know for sure that it comes without silicones and parabens. I use almond oil as a base (25 ml) and add jojoba, castor and/or avocado oil (10-15 ml each), fill into a spray bottle, shake well and I’m done. In the summer I tend to mix in avocadoöl because it moisturizes my hair the most in the heat. Castor oil supports hair growth and strengthens the hair, almond and jojoba oil provide shine. A 50-militer mixture costs about 3.50 euros.

Olive oil

Recommended by Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
Meine Spitzen sind extrem strapaziert und trocken – in den Griff bekomme ich das nur mit regelmäßigen Olive oil-Kuren. Dafür gebe ich ein, zwei Handvoll Öl in die Spitzen, kämme es ein und lasse das Ganze im Dutt über Nacht einwirken. Nach der Dusche am nächsten Morgen fühlen sich selbst die Spitzen wieder geschmeidig an und glänzen, der für’s Olive oil typische Geruch ist danach verflogen. Und auch, wenn meine Haare tagsüber mal strohig aussehen, gebe ich einfach ein paar Tropfen Olive oil in die Längen und schon sieht alles viel gepflegter aus, die kleine Menge riecht man glücklicherweise auch nicht wirklich im Haar. Für mich ist das Öl aus der Küche einfach die beste Lösung, weil es zum einen anders als viele Haaröle keine Silikone enthält, die das Haar nervig weich machen und ich zum anderen auch nicht in ein teures Produkt investieren muss.