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6 products we use to style our eyebrows

Fancy perfectly styled brows that stay in shape all day? We reveal here which products we use to get it done. Our 6 eyebrow styling favorites!

Eyebrow styling with the "glue" from Got2b

Recommended by Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
For eyebrow styling, I use a product that is actually intended for the eyebrows: the glue styling gel from Got2b (150 ml/approx. 4 euros). The name says it all: once applied, the gel dries bombproof and fixes the eyebrows reliably all day long. I always put a little of the gel in a small jar and then comb my eyebrows straight up with a clean mascara brush. For me, the ideal solution – and the cheaper alternative to the hyped eyebrow gel from Got2b.

"Eyebrow Styling Gel – Hazel Blonde" by Lavera.

Recommended by Beatrix, Lead Editor Tikbow
When it comes to eyebrow styling, I go for the "Eyebrow Styling Gel – Hazel Blonde" by Lavera (9 ml/approx. 5 euros). My brows are naturally extremely light, and even if I regularly go to the Färben, I use the Lavera gel on top. The small Bürstchen brings the eyebrows in shape, the gel does not smear, can be distributed well and the color looks very natural. Für me, which I generally spend little time on makeup, just the right product.

Lash and Brow Gel Mascara" from Essence

Recommended by Katharina, editor myHOMEBOOK
I have been using the Essence "Lash and Brow Gel Mascara" (9 ml/approx. 2 euros) for years. You can use this both for the eyebrows and for the eyelashes. I apply it every morning on the brows and am very satisfied. It is colorless, not sticky and also no Rückstände hängen remain. You need only a little and you have the brows in the desired shape.

Eyebrows styling with solid soap

Recommended by Daniela, Editorial Director Tikbow
I have discovered Soap Brows für me. To do this, I wet an old, cleaned mascara brush, then scrub it üover any bar of soap and comb up my eyebrow härchen with it. This lasts all day and is healthier for the brows than hairspray with alcohol. Another plus: There is almost no cost.

"Eyebrow Designer Gel" by Kiko

Recommended by Margarita, Working Student Tikbow
I have been using the Kiko "Eyebrow Designer Gel" (6 ml/approx. 8 euros) for half a year now and I am still super satisfied. The Bürste is small, handy and really reaches every eyebrow härchen. The gel smoothes the brows well and fixes everything the way I want it. My tip: Apply two coats so that the eyebrow look hält better.

"3D Browtones"-Gel by Benefit

Recommended by Lisa, Product & Business Manager TRAVELBOOK
Ich nutze das "3D Browtones"-Gel by Benefit. Wie der Name bereits verspricht, setzt es farbliche Highlights in den vorher aufgefüllten Augenbrauen und lässt diese dadurch natürlicher und voller aussehen. Die Bürste ist außerdem super, um die Augenbrauen nach dem Definieren und Zeichnen nochmal etwas mehr in Schwung zu bringen und die Härchen zu fixieren – quasi ein 2 in 1 Produkt! Wie die meisten Benefit-Produkte, ist auch dieses sehr ergiebig: Ich nutze das Gel seit bald 3 Jahren beinahe täglich und es noch nicht leer!