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6 deodorants for women that have convinced us

An anti-perspirant that suppresses sweat odor and provides a feeling of freshness under the arms even hours after application is not so easy to find. But once you’re satisfied, you usually stay loyal to your deodorant. The editors present their personal deodorant favorites here.

Soft Feel Anti-Transpirant Spray" by Dove

Recommended by Melanie, Editor FITBOOK
I love the "Soft Feel Anti-Transpirant Spray" from Dove (150 ml/approx. 2 euros). It feels incredibly good on the skin, even with freshly shaved armpits. And it smells so pleasantly creamy. A fragrance that in my experience also really long anhält – für me simply the best deodorant!

2 in 1 anti-transpirant deodorant cream" from Niyok

Recommended by Sophia, BOOKs photo editor
In den vergangenen Jahren habe ich einige Naturkosmetik Deodorants getestet. Klarer Sieger ist bei mir die 2 in 1 anti-transpirant deodorant cream" from Niyok in der Duftrichtung "Oriental wood" (40 ml/ca. 8 Euro). Mich überzeugen nicht nur Duft und Wirkung, man tut mit dem Deo gleichzeitig etwas Gutes für die Umwelt: Der Tiegel ist aus Glas, die Creme ist vegan und enthält obendrein kein Aluminium, kein Mikroplastik und kein Palmöl.

Black & White Invisible Clear Spray" by Nivea

Recommended by Daniela, Editorial Director Tikbow
I have been using the "Black & White Invisible Clear Spray" from Nivea (150 ml/approx. 2 euros) for years. According to the advertising promise, this is supposed to help against yellow stains and white marks on the clothes – and yes, since I use it, I no longer have to fight with nasty white weals on dark clothes. Another promise: 48 hours of anti-transpirant protection. Whether this is really the case, I can not judge, a shower always comes in between. A working day, the effect with me but definitely without Nachsprühen on.

Deo Spray Cotton Dry 48h" from Rexona

Recommended by Trixi, Lead Editor Tikbow
In terms of deodorant, I rely on the "Deo Spray Cotton Dry 48h" from Rexona (150 ml / about 2 euros). I have tried a lot – expensive deodorant stones, aluminum-free Wässerchen, rollers, creams, but ultimately I always ended up with this Sprühdose of Rexona, knowing that aluminum additives in deodorants are quite controversial. The deodorant works reliably, the smell is pleasantly neutral and at the same time I have the feeling to produce less sweat under the armpits – whether that’s good or not, let’s leave it at that.

"Anti-transpirant 5in1" by Balea

Recommended by Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
A few months ago I switched from Sprühdeo to a deodorant roller – and am thrilled. My choice fell on the Balea "Anti-Transpirant 5in1"-Roll-on-Stick (50 ml/approx. 0.50 euros), which promises protection and freshness without Rückstände on skin and clothing. In fact, this is the first deodorant where I really have the feeling that it keeps what it promises. The scent is pleasantly neutral, it leaves no stains and the price is unbeatable – absolute recommendation!

Control Ultra Protection Cool & Care" from Adidas

Recommended by Angelika, Editor TRAVELBOOK
My favorite deodorant is the "Control Ultra Protection Cool & Care" from Adidas (150 ml / about 2 euros). It smells pleasantly light and contains 0 percent alcohol, so you can apply it even on freshly shaved skin without any problems. Otherwise, it reliably fulfills its purpose and lasts all day.