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6 beautiful sunglasses trends for women and who they suit

Spring is just around the corner, high time for a new pair of sunglasses! In 2022, the “it” accessory will once again be an eye-catcher, and the street styles of the latest Fashion Weeks have already provided a first foretaste. Tikbow checks out the five coolest trends that are already making us look forward to sunnier times.

Colorful frames

This spring, classic sunglasses colors like black and brown are getting trend competition from more gaudy shades: Red, pink, green, blue – the main thing is eye-catching. The frame not only looks extra colorful, but also bulky. A trend that is definitely not to be overlooked!

Woman with sunglasses
In spring, sunglasses become a statement accessory – and they can be colorful!Photo: Getty Images

Tip: If you want a compromise between the flashy bright colors and the classic models, it is best to choose sunglasses with white or beige frames.

90s sunglasses with brightly colored lenses

This sunglasses trend might trigger flashbacks to the 90s and 00s for quite a few people: (rimless) sunglasses with only slightly – and gladly also colorful – getönten Gläsern. In 2022, they come in a stylish rectangular shape and promise a certain grunge flair.

Woman with brightly colored sunglasses
The colorful sunglasses are reminiscent of times gone by.Photo: Getty Images

In principle, these trendy sunglasses suit everyone, but they are especially flattering on oval and round faces, because the angular shape forms a nice contrast to them. All those with a flatter face are best to choose a less narrow model, because otherwise the glasses can quickly look too small. But no matter which variant you choose, one thing is certain: The accessory with the bright glasses requires a certain attitude. The retro style polarizes – so wear the look with plenty of self-confidence!


The colorful version is not for you? Fortunately, rectangular glasses with a tortoise shell pattern or in classic black are also very popular. In 2022, they will come in the currently fashionable Matrix look, which means narrow and small:

FRau with black sunglasses
Small, compact, cool: in 2022 we love Matrix-style sunglassesPhoto: Getty Images

These trend glasses flatter especially round faces, the angular shape gives contour. Here, too, the rule of thumb applies: small models are better suited to slender face shapes, while larger glasses are better suited to flatter faces.

Cateye sunglasses remain trendy in 2022

Cateye sunglasses have come to stay (on the trend list). The glasses with the tapered shape, somewhat reminiscent of cat eyes, have been stylishly protecting our eyes from the sun’s rays for several seasons now. In 2022, we prefer to wear them as slim as possible and in classic black or white statement style.

Woman with Cateye sunglasses
Also in 2022 the motto is: Cateye always goes!Photo: Getty Images

The delicate shape of the glasses is ideal for those who have prominent facial features. The upwardly tapered frame visually balances out a strong lower jaw, for example. Cateye glasses also look good on oval faces because they perfectly accentuate the cheekbones.

Shield sunglasses

The Shield glasses are a mix of laboratory and ski goggles, which consists of a single large aperture. The trendy glasses are so big and bulky that you can easily hide behind the XXL glass and still make a stylish appearance.

Woman with shield glasses
In the mood for an incognito look? Then the shield sunglasses are the right choice!Photo: Getty Images

For round faces, the model is particularly suitable – Shield glasses give the proportions contour and make them look a little more prominent. Women with angular faces, on the other hand, should rather rely on other models, the Shield shape can quickly make an angular face look even more angular. 

Butterfly sunglasses are trendy

It-girls like Paris Hilton loved to hide behind XXL glasses in bow tie puck style in the 2000s. Now the oversized glasses are back. Plus point: hardly any accessory makes women look as fashionable as XXL glasses. Particularly popular at the moment are so-called butterfly sunglasses, which are characterized by their shape, reminiscent of the wings of a butterfly.

Woman with butterfly glasses
The elegant XXL glasses not only look good, they are also perfect for concealing any dark circles under the eyes.Photo: Getty Images

Women with flächigen faces the giant glasses look particularly good. However, if you have a very narrow face or a small head, a large model with wide rims can quickly appear oppressive. More delicate models are the better choice in this case.