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5 shoes that are on trend for spring 2022

Well, also in the mood for some fresh air in your shoe closet? Perfect, because in spring 2022 shoes promise to become trendy that are anything but boring. Tikbow presents the most beautiful models.

Until the first really beautiful spring day it may still take a little while – but that doesn’t mean that we can’t already drink from it! So it’s high time to start thinking about the right footwear for the coming season. In 2022, this will be quite a challenge, because this spring, shoes with wow factor are in vogue. It may glitter, glänzen and go high!

Ballerinas celebrate their revival

Spring shoe trend
Ballerinas Photo: Getty Images

In previous years, ballerinas were considered anything but chic: too staid, too boring, too flat. In spring 2022, however, the shoe classic gets a real trend makeover. With buckles, a mini-heel, cute straps or a metallic look, these lightweight shoes look completely different. The new ballerinas look best in a style break with baggy jeans and an oversized shirt, under long dresses or very classically elegant with a retro trench coat. Be careful when combining them with leggings or pencil skirts in midi length! The former reminds you a bit too much of the unflattering side of the 2010s, the latter can quickly look a bit too much like a well-behaved business look.

Chunky loafers – how to combine the trend shoes in spring 2022

Chunky Loafers
Emma Fridsell wears her loafers in the XXL platform version.Photo: Getty Images

Already in the fall you could see loafers everywhere, in spring the trend continues. No wonder, after all, the shoe model is a real jack-of-all-trades: with a narrow sole, the shoe looks elegant, the chunkier the model, the more punky the attitude. Especially hot this spring: two-tone chunky loafers with thick heels and eye-catching buckles.

Clogs are cool again

Spring shoe trends
Street style from New York: clogs with cow print!Photo: Getty Images

Admittedly: Clogs are gewöhnungsbedürftig. But precisely because these open-toed shoes with swinging wooden soles are not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, fashionistas are crazy about them right now. This may also be due to the great 2000s revival that the fashion industry is currently experiencing. The last time clogs were really "in" was in the early 2000s, when teen stars like Hilary Duff posed in them. On the runways of designers such as Christian Dior, Miu Miu or Max Mara, the wooden steps were then seen again in 2019, but they have really established themselves in street style only now. If you are still a little critical of the trendy shoe for spring, it is best to go for models in unobtrusive colors such as gray, beige or sand. If you like it more eccentric, you can now also find great models in bright colors or with print.

Playful pumps are the shoe trend in spring 2022

While in the past years it was all about comfort on the feet (keyword sneakers), in 2022 high heels are in again. Whether this is due to the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, or perhaps simply the sweatpants overkill of the lockdowns? The fact is: the current pumps are hipper, flashier and more feminine than in previous seasons. Crystal studded, in bright colors or with an exaggerated pointed toe, they are a stark contrast to the comfortable Puffy Sandals and Pillow Slides that dominated 2021.

Platform heels

Spring shoe trend
Blogger Masha Sedgwick wears platform sandals by Miu Miu.Photo: Getty Images

Plateau is back! Zugegeben, der Trend zu breiten Sohlen und dicken Absätzen zeichnet nicht erst seit gestern ab. Im Gegenteil zu klobigen Combat-Boots oder bereits erwähnten Chunky Loafern sind die aktuelle Platform heels aber ultrafeminin: Der It-Schuh der Saison überzeugt mit schwindelerregend hohen Absätzen und Satin- oder Lack-Finish. Brands wie Versace oder Valentino treiben den Barbie-Look sogar noch weiter auf die Spitze: mit Modellen in Fuchsia und sattem Rosa.

Pumps decorated with rhinestones

Spring shoe trend
In this street style from Paris, skirt and shoes sparkle in competition.Photo: Getty Images

A bit of bling-bling: After rhinestone jewelry and rhinestone bags, the glittering stones have now also made it to the feet. Open-toed Römersandals üconvince with filigree, rhinestone-studded straps. And pointed pumps are adorned with crystal-studded bows and brooches à la Manolo Blahnik. So you could also call this spring’s shoe trend maximalism on the feet: More is sometimes simply more!

Pumps in bright colors

Neon heels
Flashy pumps in neon green at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Photo: Getty Images

At the Copenhagen Fashion Week in early February, the weather has been anything but nice so far, but the good-humored fashionistas knew how to get over the gray clouds: Their shoes in bright colors simply outshone everything else! In addition to neon green and pink heels, there were boots in orange, cobalt blue and trendy Bottega green. Neon pumps in color-blocking combination with shoes from the same color family or with discreet gray or greige look especially nice.