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5 cool gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

February 14 is Valentine’s Day! In fact, the perfect occasion to make all those you care about happy – and that definitely doesn’t have to be ten red roses or the boring box of chocolates in the shape of a heart. Still no idea? Tikbow helps with cool gift tips.

In Japan, women like to give homemade chocolates for Valentine’s Day, in Denmark, white dried flowers are the thing, and in France, jewelry is traditionally at the top of the list of presents for the day of lovers. Still not inspired enough? Tikbow has 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are guaranteed to come from the heart.

Love reading material with a difference!

The New York Times bestseller "Alles über Liebe – Neue Sichtweisen", which is now also available in German, provides a somewhat different view on the subject of love. This feminist and anti-racist classic shows what divides us nowadays – and at the same time points out ways in which we can become closer again. Finally, appreciation, self-love and inner strength are inspirations that we should integrate into our lives now more than ever.

For jokers

Out of fashion! Motif shirts always go and fans of the 90s can’t get around these pieces anyway: shirts, longsleeves or sweatshirts that show the young David Hasselhoff with a fuzzy curly head, on top of the printed saying "Kämmt David". Didn’t get the pun? We do! And the recipient certainly does…

When’s sour is supposed to be sour

Ferrero-Küsschen or the box of Merci were yesterday, today among the gift ideas for Valentine’s Day is Süß-Saures! Extremely tasty and extremely handy are the freeze-dried raspberries from "Naturkost Schulz" with a crunchy Übering of white chocolate. Available in 200 gram, 500 gram or 1 kg bags, alternatively with strawberries or in a berry mix. Can’t every day be Valentine’s Day?

For a good feeling

Pleasure and training in one: The heavy love balls from Amorelie are the perfect gift for women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor and vaginal muscles and at the same time aim for a more intense pleasure experience. The Heavy Love Balls are made of smooth silicone and weigh 72 grams, making them suitable for advanced users. First results should be seen after two weeks – so what to wait for?

Coupon lover

Nothing up to here? An absolutely safe bank in terms of gifts are vouchers of any kind, there can hardly go wrong. And they are best when they have a personal touch: The recipient can finally get the tattoo he or she wants with a voucher for the studio he or she trusts, a bit of wellness at his or her favorite spa, going to the movies or the theater together.