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5 cheap alternatives to Ugg boots at a glance

Frowned upon for their less than elegant appearance, loved for their comfort and feel-good factor: opinions differ on Ugg boots, and yet they have been among the winter must-haves for many years. However, the price with an average of 200 euros for the lined winter boots is steep. Tikbow presents five affordable alternatives.

"Boots with warm lining" from H&M

Cozy inside and out: The "Boots with warm lining" from H&M guarantee the feel-good factor with the fur look and an inner wool lining. You can choose between white or black, low or high boots. And all this for an unbeatable price of about 14.99 euros. The high boot is available for around 19.99 euros. The disadvantage here: The boots are made of polyester, so they are not very breathable.

Boots  from  H&M
"Boots with warm lining" from H&MPhoto: PR/H&M

Boots with plüschfutter" by Esprit

The boots with plush lining in black or caramel from Esprit come with 100-percent suede leather, a warm lining and are available for about 59.99 euros. It is important here to impregnate the boots before wearing, so that the material looks immaculate in the future.

Esprit  Boot
Boots with plüschfutter" by EspritPhoto: PR/Esprit

"Boots Graceland" from Deichmann

An end to gray! The pink alternative to Ugg Boots from Deichmann’s own brand Graceland are the absolute eye-catcher for darker days and are available for about 19.99 euros. The chic look is perfected by the side buckle and the sharp fur hem and fits with simple jeans in combination with a wide knit sweater. However, since the boots are made of synthetic material, they may start to smell unpleasant sooner.

"Boots  Graceland"  from  Deichmann
"Boots Graceland" from DeichmannPhoto: PR/Deichmann

Alternative to Ugg Boots: "Snow Boots" by Jamron

The perfect boot for frostbite: The high boots from Jamron make fashion hearts beat faster not only with regard to the price, but are especially suitable for lower temperatures. The boots protect the legs perfectly due to the inner faux fur lining and round off the look with the soft leather material. Since this boot variant is of higher quality due to the leather, the price here is slightly higher at around 59.99 euros. When first worn, the shoe appears tighter, but if it is worn öfters, it adapts to the foot; optimal.

Winter boots with cuddly warm lining by Dockers by Gerli

The black boots from Dockers by Gerli come with zipper and are decorated on the sides. The material: imitation nubuck leather with water-repellent TEX membrane, the cost: about 44, 95 euros.

Winter  boots  with  cuddly  warm  lining  by  Dockers  by  Gerli
Winter boots with cuddly warm lining by Dockers by GerliPhoto: PR/Otto