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5 characteristics by which you can recognize fake perfumes

Perfumes have always ranked high in terms of “most popular gifts.” However, care must be taken with low-price offers on the Internet, because it is not uncommon for them to be fakes that not only smell cheap, but in the worst case can also cause skin irritations. But how can you tell if a bargain is real or fake? Tikbow explains how you can easily unmask fake fragrances yourself.

5 clues for fake perfume

The packaging

The packagingsfolie riecht auffällig nach Plastik, der Karton ist schief gefalzt, unsauber bedruckt oder es fehlt der gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Grüne Punkt? All dies deutet auf ein gefälschtes Parfum hin, denn Marken-Kartonagen sind stets akkurat verarbeitet, anders dürften sie das Werk gar nicht verlassen.

Green dot: The green dot is a protected trademark and is used throughout Europe to indicate that packaging is recycled. It is usually found on the underside of the packaging. If it is printed crookedly, this often indicates a fülschung.

Deviating packaging sizes or the note "Special Edition" or "Special Edition" can also be indications of falsification. This suggests that the perfume cannot be found anywhere else in this version, which makes any comparisons impossible.

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The serial number

Each perfume has an individual serial number, the so-called batch number. This must be printed on the bottle and on the packaging. If it is only glued on or missing altogether, you are definitely dealing with a cheap fake.

The bottle

The bottle darf keine Unebenheiten aufweisen, zudem ist der Glasboden bei Fake-Düften meist deutlich dünner als beim Original. Ein schlecht verarbeiteter Deckel aus billigem Blech und ein wackeliger Sprühknopf sind ebenfalls typisch für Fälschungen. Überhaupt wirkt das Design eher plump und wenig filigran.

The fragrance

Fake perfumes smell strongly of alcohol, and the scent fades after just a few minutes and seems flat overall. A good perfume is always designed according to a fragrance pyramid (top, heart, base notes): After application, the three different aromas unfold. An attentive nose immediately recognizes when it is dealing with a fake.

The Händler meshes

Flea markets, dealers on the go or Internet stores without an imprint often harbor the danger of fake perfumes. High-quality perfumes cannot be purchased here. You should therefore either use certified Internet providers or visit a traditional specialty store.

Falsified perfumes are often harmful to health.

A perfume that has been exposed as a fake should be disposed of immediately, because whenever customs seize illegal fakes, some of them end up in the laboratory. And what is found in them is often anything but pleasant: urine (!), paint thinner, harmful preservatives, antifreeze or gasoline can be contained in them. Fake perfumes can therefore cause skin irritation, rashes or allergic reactions and are therefore anything but a good gift.

Fragrance twins as an alternative

Those who do not want to dig too deep into their pockets but still want to give away a fine brand fragrance have the option of using fragrance twins. The so-called perfume dupes, which are usually sold in drugstores, are perfumes that have similar scents to their well-known brand counterparts. Unlike genuine counterfeits, the fragrance twins do not pretend to be the original. This means that they are not only completely legal, but are also subject to the same dermatological specifications as the expensive brand-name perfumes – health hazards as with genuine fragrances are therefore ruled out.