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5 beautiful jackets trends for women in spring 2022

We don’t feel like wearing a thick winter jacket anymore, but it’s not really spring yet. So what to wear in the transition phase from cold to warm? Tikbow shows 5 beautiful jacket trends that you can’t go past in 2022.

Bomber Jackets

This jacket trend had a heyday in the 2010s, but then disappeared from the fashion scene for quite a while: the bomber jacket. At the Fashion Weeks of the past few weeks, however, the sporty pieces were omnipresent again and still look exactly as we remember them: long, voluminous, with bumpers at the collar and hem, in neutral colors such as olive green or dark blue, and often a bit oversized.

Woman  in  bomber  jacket
The bomber jacket has once again become a trend piecePhoto: Getty Images

While in the past the trend jackets were exclusively combined in a sporty way, now it’s all about contrast. Instead of jeans and sneakers, we now prefer to wear bomber jackets in a style break, for example with satin dresses, pencil skirts and boots. This turns the casual jacket into a real it-piece.

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Trench is trend!

The former Burberry trench coat has become a timeless fashion classic and makes a comeback every spring or summer season. No wonder, since the cut and fabric make it the perfect jacket for warm days. Classically, the trench coat comes in a straight cut with a tie belt, wide lapels, double button placket, bold front and back yokes and shoulder and cuff tabs. The preferred colors and patterns are beige, khaki, plaid – nothing changes in this season. However, the trench color palette is expanded with pastel shades such as pink, lilac and vanilla yellow, as well as bright colors such as Bottega Green, orange and Millennial Pink. And materials like vinyl and leather. But material and color or not, the trend trenches all have one thing in common: the extra-long XXL silhouette, which gives the elegant coat a casual twist.

Women  in  trench  coats
The trench coat in 2022 wears old familiar details, but otherwise comes in a new lookPhoto: Getty Images

Jackets with waist belt

With all the oversized cuts, elegance comes too short for you? Then it’s best to reach for a jacket with an integrated waist belt. Usually slightly longer than hi-length and straight-cut, these uniform-style pieces use a tie band knotted at the waist to show off the middle of the body to advantage, creating a beautiful hourglass silhouette;

Women  in  jackets
In these trendy jackets, a casual, rugged cargo shirt meets an elegant waist belt.Photo: Getty Images

For the effect to work, the jacket should be worn closed, otherwise the whole thing is just a straight cut piece without that extra bit of shape. When styling there is t much else to consider, the trend jacket can be combined with anything: For a chic look simply combine a wide-cut pleated pants, loafers and a mini-bag to it. A turtleneck peeking out from under the collar of the jacket rounds off the elegant spring style. But also casual jeans outfits with sneakers or boots make the knotted jacket instantly a number more elegant. 

Blazers are the new jackets

Woman  in  red  blazer
The oversized blazer has already accompanied us through fall and winter, and also in spring we remain faithful to the universally applicable garment.Photo: Getty Images

Don’t feel like investing in a Übergangs jacket? No problem, an oversized blazer will do – especially on the first sunny spring days. In terms of style, it can easily keep up with the other trendy jackets, while remaining true to grays, leather looks and check patterns, pastel shades and bright colors are also very popular here. And: XXL shoulder pads are now celebrating their comeback! Important on not yet so warm pre-spring days: style the blazer in an onion look so that you don’t freeze. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a really übergro;en blazer, under which at least a hoodie or a knitted sweater fits.

Chore jackets made of tweed or wool

Woman  in  Chore  Jacket
The Chore Jacket might be the finest jacket trend of the season.Photo: Getty Images

In addition to the penchant for blazers, this trend also emerged quite clearly at the street styles of Fashion Weeks in Paris, New York and London: short chore jackets made of elegant materials such as felted wool fabrics or tweed. Actually, the boxy cut trend pieces with the spacious pockets have been found more in the men’s department until now, but now they have received a feminine update with their shortened fit and new color palette. Fashionistas are breaking up the still masculine style with the most feminine pieces possible, such as dresses or mini skirts. The result? Somehow sporty, somehow elegant, but in any case quite stylish.