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4 Facial toners we recommend

Facial tonic is virtually the icing on the cake of facial cleansing. It has a refreshing and hydrating effect and at the same time removes the last bit of dirt from the skin. The selection on the skincare shelf is huge, but which products are really good? We reveal here which facial toners and toners are an integral part of our personal skincare routine.

"Sebium H2O"-facial toner from Bioderma

Recommended by Katharina, Editor myHOMEBOOK
I have been using the "Sebium H2O"-facial toner from Bioderma (500 ml/approx. 10 euros) for some time. This is cleansing, makeup remover and toner in one! When I feel like my skin is super stressed from the day and kinda "dirty", I use this micellar water. It almost sucks the dirt out of the pores, leaves a nice clean feeling and is odorless.

"Eau Thermale Mild Facial Toner" by Avène

Recommended by Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
I love the "Eau Thermale Mild Facial Toner" from Avène (200ml/approx. 11 euros)! The gentle toner smells pleasant, removes make-up residues and provides a radiant complexion. I like to apply it with a cotton pad on gerötete spots and pimples, then the impurities are quickly passé. And: Unlike many products I have tried before, the toner – thanks to the mild formula – does not burn unpleasantly and is therefore also perfectly suitable for my dry skin.

"Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1" from Garnier

Recommended by Larissa, Editorial Director TRAVELBOOK
I have been using the "Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1" from Garnier Skin Active (400 ml/approx. 5 euros) for years. I started using it mainly to get off long-lasting lipsticks that had burned themselves into my lips (good for kissing, bad for the skin). With the facial toner I can remove the stubborn makeup but without problems. The reason for this are the micelles, which with their lipophilic core enclose oily residues on the skin and can then be removed super easily. The micellar water is also super gentle on the skin – I have never had a reaction in the sensitive mouth area, although I am very sensitive to products.

"Skin Manager"-Tonic from Alcina

Recommended by Naemi, Product & Business Manager myHOMEBOOK
I prefer to use the "Skin Manager by Alcina" (190 ml/approx. 9 euros). Since I stopped taking the pill, I have had pretty blemished skin, especially on my forehead. A friend recommended the tonic to me. The fruit acid contained in it burns slightly when applied, but has a visibly clearing and pore-refining effect. Afterwards, my skin always feels a bit like it has been "renewed". Important: Always apply a moisturizing cream afterwards, otherwise the skin will quickly become dry.