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3 hairstyles that make younger

In addition to makeup and clothing, hair can also cheat away a few years. How? We asked a hairdresser and present the best hairstyles that make you look younger.

What is the effect of haircut, color and styling?

If you want to look younger, you should start at the top: with your hair. Master hairdresser Giulia Hiller confirms this to Tikbow: "Through cut, color, styling and a healthy look, you can easily look younger." One example is the ponytail. Tied high and tight, the braid not only looks youthful, but also visually lifts the face. To ensure that hair always looks well-groomed, conditioner should be used with every hair wash. For radiant shine hairöl is recommended.

What hair color makes you younger?

When it comes to hairstyles that make you look younger, hair color also plays a big role, especially blonde. If you are naturally a darker type, it is better to go for strands instead of a complete bleaching. Either way, hair color almost always has a rejuvenating effect. The hairdresser explains it this way: "The darker the hair color, the more severe a woman often looks. In addition, dark hair frames the face more strongly, which makes us appear older. Light hair, on the other hand, opens up the face. Finally, it is no coincidence that top models Claudia Schiffer (51), Hollywood star Nicole Kidman (54) and pop icon Madonna (63) have never given up their blond hair.

These hairstyles make jünger

Of course, the optimal rejuvenation hairstyle is always dependent on the shape and contours of the face. However, there are some looks that can visually whisk away a few years on almost any woman.

Step cut

The hair sweeps around the face, achieving a younger look. A front graduated cut flatters the facial contours and brings movement into the hair. With a few steps, the whole hairstyle also automatically looks more voluminous. Jennifer Aniston loves the look and always wears her hair slightly graduated:

Hairstyles that make you younger: bangs or curtain bangs

Whenever a part of the hair falls into the face, it looks youthful and fresh. The hairdresser recommends curtain bangs: "This is a loose fringe where the forehead is slightly covered, but the hair falls gently outwards so that it does not look too severe". Thus, the bangs hide wrinkles on the forehead in a playful way. Heidi Klum has long relied on the casual curtain bangs:

Bob and long bob

Is the hair simply no longer so full and healthy, can help a bob or – if not quite so much length away should – Long Bob. Immediately the hair has more volume again. Now and then a few waves or a side parting loosen up the hairstyle even more. Victoria Beckham’s favorite hairstyle: a long bob with waves:

These hairstyles make älter

As we age, hair also becomes thinner and more fragile. Therefore, too long hair quickly looks unkempt. Combined with a center parting, the look can visually drag the face. This is especially true for women with very straight hair. Straight hair looks more severe, and anything that conveys severity makes us look older,” says Giulia Hiller, “which is why it is important to bring something playful and movement into the hairstyle. This can be achieved with one of the looks described above, but also with a different parting, waves and messy hairstyles.


– with expert advice from Giulia Hiller (instagram: @hairbygiuli), hairdresser in Ulm.