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“2 Broke Girls” star Kat Dennings reveals her skincare secrets

For six years Kat Dennings was Max Black in the popular US sitcom “2 Broke Girls” – together with her mismatched friend Caroline Channing (played by Beth Behrs) she tinkered with a very big plan here. How she takes care of herself in private and what her evening skincare routine looks like, the actress now revealed in a nine-minute clip that provides exciting insights.

Go to bed with me" is the name of the series of the US magazine "Harper’s Bazaar" in which celebrities relentlessly honestly show how they get ready for bed – unfiltered, unvarnished. Kat Dennings also participates and reveals right at the beginning that she is more of a basic type and doesn’t need 24 products to put on her skincare in the evening. She definitely has too little idea about the ingredients, the actress confesses.

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How Kat Dennings prepares for kissing scenes

In general, she loves to get into the tub first after work to cleanse her skin, Dennings reveals. To do this, she uses a gentle gel and a silicone cleansing sponge, – one of her favorite beauty gadgets, which can be found üeverywhere in her bathroom. The actress regularly uses a lip scrub that leaves her lips extremely soft – "the perfect preparation for the various kissing scenes on set.

For her skincare, Kat Dennings relies on a vitamin C serum that she gently pats in. Her credo: "The less the skin is moved, the better it feels to me." At the same time, the actress also reveals her very biggest skincare secret: Never expose the skin to the sun! When it comes to moisturizing, she relies on the high-priced "The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream" from luxury brand La Mer.

To bed with perfume!

Kat Dennings uses eye cream from one of her favorite brands, Is Clinical, and Black Blosson Drop Serum from Serumkind, especially when her skin needs an extra dose of moisture. Then a toner is sprayed on the face and a spritz of perfume – Kat Dennings currently uses the Orange Blossom Cologne by Jo Malone London – and Kat Dennings’ go-to-bed skincare is complete.