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Modern front doors: The current trends at a glance and useful tips for the purchase

Your front door is damaged, problematic to open and close or no longer provides the necessary level of security ? Regardless of the cause, sooner or later the time comes for a door replacement. But what should you look for when buying a new, modern front door? What are the current trends for colors, materials and design and how to find the right model? We answer these questions in the article!

Current front door trends: what does the modern entrance door look like?

modern entrance door what are the trends and tendencies

Today, the entrance door is much more than an interface between inside and outside. Modern front doors should not only serve the comfort and safety of the residents, but also correspond to the architecture of the house and visually round it off. But what distinguishes modern doors?

Timeless elegance and warm minimalism

modern front doors with minimalist design of metal and glass

Although it is increasingly common to combine different styles, colors and patterns in the interior, the classic look remains in the exterior. In the modern front door, clean lines set the tone and a reduced, timeless design is relied upon. This is helped, for example, by flush handles that are concealed in the door, creating a harmonious overall appearance.

In terms of color and appearance, shiny materials and stylish lacquer colors such as gray, green and blue are an eye-catching trend this year. Colorful details are also welcome and make the front door a real eye-catcher. In addition, there is the classic combination of neutral colors and natural materials, which looks particularly natural and homely. The so-called warm minimalism is one of the biggest trends of the year and can be characterized by soft nuances, wood and simple lines.

Extra wide with glazing

The trend in modern buildings continues in the direction of spaciousness and freedom, and just now extra-wide doors are on the rise. The front door with side panel is an excellent solution for the entrance area, which in addition to excellent appearance has other advantages to offer. The glass elements, which can be located on one or both sides of the door, are not only an important detail for modern buildings, but also bring more natural light into the interior, can visually expand the space and add another touch of elegance.

High quality and reliable

Front door modern design what to consider when buying

As far as modern doors are concerned, quality is also the main focus. The demands on a high-quality entrance door are high – in addition to reliable security and perfect insulation, the door should be customizable and offer advanced unlocking. The entrance doors from Inotherm, for example, meet all these criteria without neglecting the design.

Buy front door online: This speaks for it

Aluminum front door in gray modern with frosted glass side panels

Are you in the process of looking for your new front door? Today you can not only buy an entrance door from home, but also design it according to your wishes and needs. With the help of a configurator, you can determine even the smallest details, and without knowing the exact dimensions of the door opening. When you configure the front door online , you can simultaneously try several variants until you design the model that perfectly fits your entrance. And the best part? No one in your neighborhood is likely to have such a door.

These are the advantages offered by the online configurator:

  • Individuality – Thanks to the numerous variants for personalization, anyone can create a unique entrance.
  • Available at any time – You can use the configurator around the clock – without having to observe opening hours or make appointments.
  • Quick quote – You get your informative quote in the shortest possible time, even without knowing the exact dimensions of the door.
  • Putting together the dream front door quickly and easily – Everything from the color to the model to the details can be designed with just a few clicks.

How to choose the right front door?

Modern front door with side part reduced design

As one of the most used elements of your house, the front door should meet several requirements. But how to choose the right model when the choice is so wide? In the first place, the choice depends on the characteristics of the door. A high-quality front door should be able to withstand various weather conditions, provide reliable protection against burglary, be well insulated and properly installed. Only then does the design come into play, and the house facade and the overall architecture of the house should be included to create a unified overall appearance that will not lose its appealing look over the years.