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Unnecessary things in the apartment that you should get rid of during spring cleaning for a tidy home

If you live in a small space, you need to carefully consider what unnecessary items you might throw away. However, it can be difficult to determine what you will keep and what would rather go in the bulky waste. So, if you’re looking to get your apartment into optimal organizational shape this spring season, here are some useful tips. Just do a quick cleaning of the pantry and living room cabinets to feel more comfortable in your own home.

Optimize cluttered living spaces and get rid of unnecessary stuff

minimalist decoration with plant and photos

Start first with things from home decor , which are unusable in your apartment, such as vases. Many of them are dust magnets that stand in a corner with flower arrangements. Such items require regular cleaning by dusting. When decorating your living room, you’d better make sure to choose one or two sculptural vases. These can stand even without flowers, so that you thereby discreetly accentuate. These can also be somewhere in the house to be able to insert fresh flowers when you buy or get some as a gift. This way, you don’t have to hoard plain vases in your precious closet space.

Don’t store too many books

keep too many books in the apartment and prefer to donate them

Of course, you should make your own decisions about your literature and whether you intend to read something again. However, in most cases, you read a book and then it collects dust on the shelf for many years. If you are in a small or temporary space, you can go through your books. Those that you find redundant can then be donated to schools, libraries or other places where they can be read by others. If you are after all a person who owns more books than anything else, you can try to incorporate the valuable pieces into the interior design somehow . However, if space is an issue, consolidate your favorite reads onto a digital platform. Although nothing replaces the feeling of holding a physical book in your hand, you’ll thank yourself when you don’t have to lug boxes of books to your next residence.

Get rid of old or rarely used household items

keep clean cooking area without unnecessary things in the kitchen

Some old and unnecessary items can be difficult to store in an apartment. These often take up valuable pantry and/or counter space, especially since they are most likely used very sparingly. Instead, look for multi-function appliances like a deep fryer/toaster combo to free up valuable space. As much as many people wish they could live in their own kitchen like a celebrity chef from TV, disposable kitchen gadgets can also consume a lot of space. However, they are often exceptionally unnecessary items. Do yourself a favor and do away with all kitchen items, such as herb scissors and the like. Stick to simple, but high-quality kitchen utensils and cookware that are multifunctional.

Mark scented candles and cups as unnecessary items.

combine morning coffee with reading book and scented candle

A fresh-smelling, luxurious candle makes a great housewarming gift. However, after three or more, you may have a hard time finding a place for it. Having too many candles with all sorts of scents filling your shelves leads to even more clutter, further cluttering your home and just not working. You also don’t really need countless and extra cups or glasses just in case you get a lot of guests who will all have coffee or a drink at the same time.

Forego giveaways and keep giving them away.

minimalist decor with rustic furniture in dining room

If you’re a WG resident, your space should reflect only the things you love and enjoy. As nice as it is that a company sent you a branded coffee mug or promotional item for the holidays, you don’t necessarily have to keep it. So if you’re short on space, consider donating or throwing away free giveaways that don’t have sentimental value.

Switch to minimalist lifestyle in general

subtle and minimalistic living room in scandinavian style

Modern society tries to always be prepared. Many people need to have a backup plan and then a backup plan for their backup plan. Accordingly, this preparedness mentality permeates into your personal life as well. It causes you to collect and store more things because “you never know.” This is an expression that most modern people use. In addition, you can try not to fill your linen closets with multiple sets of towels for a number of guests. You will rarely, if ever, be able to accommodate these all at once. However, you may want a little variety and a few options yourself, but your home and mind will feel so much better when you retire and manage multiples of everything you already own.