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The most popular plastic sheet types compared and helpful buying tips!

At home we always want to feel comfortable and secure, and to achieve this we should decorate our homes according to our own taste. But let’s face it – home renovation is not an easy task. We have to think about the right materials, fabrics as well as furniture and decorations and with the huge choice, it’s easy to lose track. Whether acrylic, PVC or HPL – various types of plastic panels have become the perfect building material for house construction and modernization in recent years. The range is very diverse and the plastic sheets are available in all imaginable designs and colors. But how do you find the right panels for you and what should you look for when buying? You will find the answers to these questions in our article!

Plastic sheet types: It depends on the right material

Kitchens trends 2022 acrylic plastic panels in the interior advantages

Plastic sheets are available in many sizes and types and can be used for a wide variety of interior design and home building applications.  Most types are also UV resistant and water and corrosion resistant. The ease of processing and weight also make plastic sheets a popular material. Have no idea which sheets would be ideal for you and your home? Or you just want to be sure that you have made the right choice? Then you would be in the best place in the webshop The extensive assortment of the most popular plastic sheet types in a wide range of colors and thicknesses satisfy all customer needs. If you wish, you can also order a cut to size or first get advice on the right material for the desired application.

Acrylic glass sheets as an alternative to real glass

Acrylic or real glass for furnishing plastic sheets types and advantages

Especially acrylic glass sheets (also called PMMA or polymethymethacrylate) belong to the most popular types of plastic and are a great alternative to traditional glass. The building material is transparent, weather-resistant and also much lighter and cheaper. Although the plastic sheets let through about 90% of the light, they are also UV-repellent. Plexiglas has approximately 30 times higher impact resistance than real glass and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. Due to its excellent properties, acrylic glass is often used as glazing for wall panels, canopies as well as balconies and greenhouses. Acrylic sheets are divided into extruded XT acrylic and cast GS acrylic. While the first variant is somewhat cheaper, GS acrylic is easier to process and remains visually more brilliant in the long term. And as for cleaning, acrylic sheets are super easy to maintain with common household cleaners and the dirt buildup is minimal.

PVC plastic sheets

Wandgesltatung living room tips plastic panels types comparison

Everyone of us has heard the term PVC before. However, only a few know what is behind it. PVC is the abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride and it is undoubtedly one of the oldest and best known plastic sheet types ever. The plastic is extremely stable and flexible and therefore ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Here, too, a distinction is made between two types: rigid PVC and foamed PVC (still known as foam sheet or foam board). Rigid PVC sheets are usually dimensionally stable, stiffer and significantly more solid and heavier. Since they have high hardness and rigidity and are wear-resistant, they are used in house construction, especially in the field of electrical installation.

PVC plastic panels in the interior bathroom wall design

Foamed PVC sheets, on the other hand, are much lighter and are wonderful for printing and writing on. The material can be cut, sawn, bent or painted as desired and has a long service life. In interior house construction, the panels are mainly used for cladding, partitions and room dividers. One of the biggest advantages of PVC plastic panels is that they are extremely easy to clean and require little maintenance. However, the plastic quickly attracts dust, so it is best to treat the panels with a special anti-static detergent.

Types of plastic panels: HPL panels

HPL plastic panels in the interior wall design which building material

HPL boards stand for the English term “High Pressure Laminate” and are among the most widely used plastic board types. The plastic is characterized with higher resistance to weather conditions and the boards are very durable and impact resistant. Due to the excellent processing and material properties, HPL panels are used both indoors and outdoors as noise barriers or facade cladding. For interior finishing, the plastic panels are often used as partitions, wall cladding or kitchen backsplash. Thanks to the dense surface layers, the sheets also require very little maintenance and are easy to clean.

Plastic panels types advantages wall design in the living room