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Stair lift for more mobility and independence in everyday life – a guidebook

A so-called stair elevator is actually nothing more than a kind of elevator for a staircase. It is possible to transport people or objects over the steps on a rail. The stair lift is primarily used for the transport of elderly, disabled or otherwise handicapped persons. If you are thinking about buying a stairlift, you should read on now.

Stairlift and its variants

Going up stairs in old age help

The operation of a stairlift has already been indicated: on a guide rail, a platform is moved motor-driven over steps up or down. The guide rail is mounted either on the stairs or on the wall. Whether the staircase is straight or not is irrelevant. On the market there are stair lifts for curved as well as for straight stairs. A stair lift can therefore be installed on almost all common types of stairs. For wheelchair users, there are special wheelchair lifts where the wheelchair is either suspended or locked onto a platform. A seat lift is particularly popular with older people. People sit on the seat mounted on the platform and can climb the stairs without any effort. The respective models differ partly clearly in the equipment and comfort. Some models, for example, can be conveniently operated with a remote control. Still other models have integrated rechargeable batteries for the operation of the motor, which is why no external power supply is necessary.


Staircase with stairlift cost benefits

Regular maintenance of the stairlift makes sense and noticeably increases its service life. Maintenance should always be carried out by a specialist company, although the company that carried out the installation is clearly to be preferred. Of course, maintenance costs money, which of course you would like to save. To save at least a little money, you could, for example, change the battery on the stairlift itself . This is not as difficult as you might think: First, you need to see the instruction manual of the stairlift and order the necessary batteries. If the batteries are available and you want to install them, you first disconnect the stairlift from the mains. Then remove the cover according to the instructions and install the batteries according to the specifications. Once all the steps have been completed, everything is fastened and screwed back into place. Tip: Instead of the original batteries, it may be worthwhile to order batteries from the accessories trade. These deliver the same performance, but cost only a fraction of the original product.

Save costs during installation

Save costs promotion stairlift

A stair lift is a costly investment, as quite a few devices cost significantly more than 10,000 euros. So that people who urgently need a stair lift in their individual life situation can also enjoy such a device, there are many different sponsors who finance such a lift. These include both state carriers and subsidies from the federal and state governments, as well as institutions and foundations. In detail, for example, the pension insurance, the nursing care insurance or the employers’ liability insurance association are to be mentioned here. The level of funding support depends on both the provider and the degree of care. If you wish, you can deduct the investment in a stair lift from your taxes as an exceptionally high burden.

Advantages of a stairlift

When is a stair lift necessary advantages

If you are thinking about buying a stair lift, you will certainly have already thought about the advantages. These are obvious: The stairlift makes affected persons mobile again and gives freedom. One can move freely again in the house and feels no longer restricted. A stair lift can even ensure that older people can stay longer in their own homes, since the obstacle of the stairs has been virtually eliminated. Another advantage is that the risk of accidents on the stairs is significantly reduced. In any case, accidents on the stairs are very dangerous. These are now reduced to a minimum.

Disadvantages of a stairlift

Going down stairs with wheelchair without stair lift

A disadvantage of a stair lift is, of course, the limited usability of the stairs. Residents who want to use the stairs without a stairlift will only have a limited area of the stairs available. If the financial support from sponsors is rather low, then the stairlift is also relatively expensive. At this point, everyone must decide for themselves whether this purchase is worthwhile. A special case is a rented apartment. If you want to install a stairlift here, then you should discuss this in advance with the landlord.

Rent stairlift or buy used

Stair lift space saving seat lift installation

Alternatives to the installation of a new stairlift are renting or buying used. When renting, you pay a fixed monthly amount and are allowed to use the lift without restrictions. However, the longer you use it, the less advantage you have over buying a new one. Alternatively, it is also possible to buy a used lift. However, a technician should certify in advance that the technology is safe and works flawlessly. Otherwise, these are cost-effective alternatives to buying new.


Senior woman with walker on stairs

A stair lift is an interesting option to make it easier for physically impaired people to use the stairs in their own homes. If you are not afraid of the high investment costs, the installation of the stair lift will be an effective help in everyday life.