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Set up a meditation room: Here’s how to create a place of calm and well-being at home!

A home should always be a place of peace and well-being, an oasis in the midst of a hectic world. You surround yourself with objects you love, colors that evoke feelings of happiness, and family photos that evoke happy memories. But what about setting aside a special corner or even a room in your home dedicated entirely to banishing stressful feelings? Meditation can be a great way to focus, breathe, and clear your mind. Your time to meditate can be enhanced by a comfortable environment and thoughtful design details that you can achieve in your own home without having to go to a studio. Here we give you some ideas on how to create your own meditation space in your home.

Set up meditation room with minimalist decoration

Set up meditation room in the attic with roof windows

When it comes to a meditation room, less is often more. For your own space, all you need are a few floor cushions, a small stool, and a textured rug, and you’re ready to meditate in a no-frills but chic space.

Emphasize your personality

Set up meditation room in attic

To make a meditation space feel good, you need to make it your own, right? It gets really cozy when you combine pieces that have meaning to you, such as a cheerful Buddha statue, a warm blanket, and a colorful rug, as in this cozy meditation nook. For this, a space at the top of a staircase was transformed into a tranquil meditation nook.

Designing a meditation nook: Choose soft colors

Set up a small meditation corner in pastel colors

Although bright, bold colors can be fun, there’s something very calming about soft pastels. Although you’ll likely close your eyes while meditating, it’s important to feel comfortable in the space as soon as you sit down. Keep your eyes peeled for pastel colored meditation pillows and other accessories when designing your own meditation space.

Take the meditation room outside

Outdoor meditation space design on the balcony

It makes perfect sense to take your daily meditation routine outside when the weather is nice, where you can take in the sounds of chirping birds and the wind blowing through the trees. You can design your outdoor meditation space however you like, making sure to use waterproof pieces and materials suitable for outdoor use. For example, how do you feel about doing your daily meditation in a space that is out in the fresh air and furnished with dreamy textiles, candles, and vintage pieces?

Furnish the meditation room brightly

Design minimal meditation corner by the window

When meditating, it’s good to have some sunlight on your skin and a breeze coming in through a window. If you set up a meditation corner indoors, try to place it near a window. In such a corner, for example, a faux fur rug, a woven stool, a small ladder and meditation must-haves like essential oils and a diffuser will fit perfectly.

Remodel a room and set it up for meditation

Turn the guest room into a meditation room

There’s probably a room in your home that you don’t yet know what you want to use it for, or it’s just not used often enough as a guest room or office. Consider turning it into a full-fledged meditation room. It will be sweet and calming with bright colors, pillows that can be pulled out at any time, and meaningful objects on floating shelves.

Set up meditation room in bohemian style

Set up room for meditation in boho style

Bohemian decor is naturally great for meditation rooms. You can put together your best boho pieces to furnish your free-spirited meditation corner, including an eye-catching chair, colorful textiles and patterned seat cushions. Get inspired by this boho wonderland.

Make the meditation room cozy

Cozy meditation corner design with cushions and dried flowers

In your meditation space, make it as comfortable as possible – after all, sometimes sitting cross-legged doesn’t feel as relaxing as you think. Provide yourself with a soft surface by placing soft pillows, cushions, and blankets around your space. Your couch can even serve as a meditation centerpiece, as in this heartwarming nook.

Create a relaxed feeling with a casual meditation space

Minimalist designed space for meditation and relaxation

A meditation space can be as simple as a seat cushion in a favorite room of your home, where you always feel peaceful. The point of meditation is to banish stress from your life, so don’t cause extra stress by trying to perfect your meditation space.

Imitate a professional meditation studio

Imitate a professional meditation practice

If you have a favorite studio where you like to meditate, you can borrow the design aspects of that studio and bring them into your space. This professional studio features pink Himalayan salt lamps, a variety of meditation cushions, and natural wood floors – things you could easily mimic at home.

Create your own oasis of calm!

How to create a small meditation corner

You can turn just about any corner of your home into a quiet meditation nook. Quiet corners are great for relaxing after a long day at work, or as a place to spend some time alone before meeting your partner in the morning.

Set up meditation room in the attic with roof windows

To create a cozy sanctuary in the corner of a room, we recommend incorporating soothing yet uplifting decorative elements such as soft floor pillows, exciting artwork, a small side table or bench, and a colorful rug. If you can find a corner near a window, all the better. That’s all it takes.