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Mobile air conditioners 2022 in the test as bestsellers – Cool any room with these 5 first-class units.

To optimize the comfort of your home, you can choose quality mobile air conditioners as a modern solution. If you do not have a central air conditioner, the summer heat can be a real challenge. This is especially true if you have to deal with hot air indoors. Portable air conditioners are versatile devices that can help you combat the heat almost anywhere in your living spaces. Here are some of the best-selling products you can choose from.

Why mobile air conditioners are more advantageous

minimalist furnished living room with installed portable air conditioner and drain hose on the window

While even the best fan only moves air, an air conditioner actively lowers the temperature of a room by passing air through a compressor and re-inflating it. Although they cost a bit more, portable air conditioners can be a worthwhile investment for those who dread a heat wave at the office or in their home year after year. However, an inefficient unit can drive up your electric bill.

best seller 2022 portable air conditioners for eco-friendly home cooling select

When it comes to versatility, you can’t beat a portable air conditioner. Not only can you place these units almost anywhere in your home, but some of the best ones can double as dehumidifiers, heaters, or fans when the seasons change. When choosing, however, you should also consider the ventilation and drainage locations in your living space. If you’re looking for some cool air in your home office, bedroom or kitchen, there are models that can serve those purposes. During really hot summer days, of course, it’s recommended to pair a portable air conditioner with a smart tower fan in another room.

Quiet device DeLonghi Pinguino PAC EX120

portable unit for cooling stylishly installed in the living room

This model looks quite classy with a matte black finish. It also has a matching remote control in the same color, as well as a glossy digital screen. The mobile air conditioner is easy to use, so you can regulate the temperature or the speed of the fan. At the same time, there is also a timer that you can program at your convenience without having to move from the sofa. Accordingly, the temperature can be adjusted in a jiffy. However, since the hose is slimmer than other models, you may not want to open your windows quite as wide.

portable air conditioners delonghi pinguino pac ex120 3kw energy efficient and good looking

The portable unit also still has a dehumidification function and a useful light that indicates whether conditions are uncomfortable, acceptable, or optimal. Best of all, it’s much quieter than most units, though not quite as quiet as the name suggests. The portable unit operates in a range between 49 and 53 decibels and they don’t really notice it working in the corner. This would make this a great addition to a home office or a child’s room, but it can also cool much larger rooms of up to 110 cubic feet.

Choose mobile air conditioners like Comfee MPPH-07CRN7.

sit comfortably at home and adjust the temperature of a portable air conditioner with remote control

This is a 3-in-1 air conditioner with exhaust hose, cooling, dehumidification and ventilation for rooms that are about 25 ㎡ in size. Its energy efficiency rating is A, and it has inverter technology with a high-efficiency compressor that reduces power consumption and saves energy. The energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioner (EER) is 2.8. 8% higher than models of the same energy efficiency class.

Comfee MPPH-07CRN7 as one of the best portable air conditioners for more comfort in your home

In addition, this is a climate-friendly refrigerant. It has no ozone depletion potential, only low global warming potential and operates in an energy-saving and efficient manner. This involves a patented cooling technology in which the compressor is cooled by condensation. Therefore, no additional water tank is required. The mobile air conditioner provides constant and energy-efficient performance, even in continuous operation in a wide range of humidity conditions.

Haier Smart mobile air conditioner with dehumidifier.

quality and energy saving mobile air conditioners from haier with smart function suitable for any home

This portable unit is built for medium to large rooms. Thanks to the SmartHQ app, you can make sure this unit delivers consistently cool air so you don’t have to deal with the sweltering summer heat.

Compact and portable Midea MAP05R1WWT air conditioner.

midea portable air conditioner with dehumidification function and modern design

If you only need to cool a small room, it doesn’t make sense to buy a larger air conditioner. This appropriately sized air conditioner from Midea will save you space, money and energy. Although it’s not a top energy-efficient unit, it uses next-generation R32 refrigerant. The model has a perfectly respectable efficiency rating, as well as a modest current draw of 7.3 amps when cooling. Its remote control measures the temperature and allows you to adjust the cooling.

AEG ChillFlex Pro: A premium unit for larger rooms.

practical solution for hot summer days with portable air conditioners like one from aeg

Last but not least, AEG’s compact air conditioner combines streamlined looks and premium build quality with effective, energy-efficient cooling. This makes it one of the best models on the market. With optional cooling capacity, this unit handles rooms up to 25 square meters and still has an A energy efficiency rating. It is relatively noisy at the highest of the three settings, but quiet at the lowest, and it does an excellent job of lowering the temperature quickly. In addition, it uses R290 as a refrigerant, making it a more environmentally friendly option than some low-cost air conditioners. The unit also serves as a fan, heater, and dehumidifier, collecting 1.2 liters of water per hour into the tank or, in fan and heater mode, into a separate outlet hose.