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Luxury in the city – How much does a city villa cost?

The city villa with high ceilings and stucco decorations, a small garden around it, which is the green oasis in the city. Or the modern city villa with glass fronts and a pool. Dream houses that many people wish for. An expensive dream, isn’t it?

To build or to buy?

The modern city villa allows building as desired

The price of a corresponding property is of course influenced by various factors, so a specific sum can not be named.

At first glance, buying a city villa can be financially more favorable than a new building. Land prices in the city are often prohibitive and the plots are also not very large, because there is already a dense development. The condition and location of the city villa determine the purchase price. The older a house, the more expensive renovation and conversion can be. Even if there are various subsidies for listed buildings, the subsidies are also in turn subject to conditions that must be met and may limit one’s own wishes.

Prices for city villas and plots are dependent on location

Prices for urban villas and plots of land depend on the location and sometimes vary greatly. A small town in Hesse has significantly lower prices than Munich, Hamburg or Berlin. Munich, by the way, is considered the most expensive city in terms of real estate. Stuttgart is clearly ahead of Berlin and Hamburg.

Building – the modern city villa

Modern city villas are often built as prefabricated houses

The modern urban villa allows building as desired. Any comfort can be planned and implemented if the money is enough. In addition, a new building is often cheaper to maintain in the long term. Low-energy houses are available in any size. Who plans to build a villa , should focus on the long-term development plans of the site. Properties in outlying areas can still be affordable at present. Sooner or later, the housing shortage causes places to expand and, as a result, the peripheral location becomes an area close to the center over time.

Low-energy houses come in all sizes

For a cost calculation, land, development costs, architect, construction, etc. must be taken into account. It is advisable to consult a specialist at an early stage so that the building project does not become a cost trap.

Buying – Art Nouveau or prefabricated house

The art nouveau villa has a special charm

The Art Nouveau villa has a special charm. But to live in it also means to adapt to the architectural style. In addition, these buildings are usually not designed for barrier-free living, which could become a problem with advancing age.

Modern urban villas are often built as prefabricated houses and offer the chance of contemporary living. During construction, issues such as accessibility are usually already taken into account. Even if the modern urban villa is not necessarily a bargain, it saves the building frustration and stress.

Financing and subsidies

Financing and subsidies to build a city villa

Construction financing or loans for the purchase of real estate are currently available at particularly favorable conditions. Depending on the construction method, the need for renovation and the requirements of the property, subsidies can be used to purchase or structurally remodel an urban villa. Just because the city villa should offer a certain living luxury and is large, the energy efficiency should be in focus. Ultimately, this also has an impact on environmental protection. No one wants to freeze, as often described in historical novels, to save on heating costs.

The preservation of memorials is also subject to certain funding programs. In addition to the protection of historical monuments, the preservation of historical monuments is also considered worthy of support. This includes, for example, the preservation of birthplaces of prominent citizens or sites that are historically relevant.