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Is real estate in Hungary worthwhile? Brief market analysis and the most popular areas for investment

Hungary has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Several million tourists a year explore the country’s capital Budapest or enjoy the idyllic region around Lake Balaton, Europe’s largest inland lake and world-renowned seaside resort. Tradition, hospitality, numerous thermal spas, exciting sights, a comprehensive range of leisure activities and an attractive infrastructure characterize Hungary – and not only as a vacation destination. Increasingly the interest in Hungary rises also with fastidious real estate buyers, which reflects itself up-to-date on the real estate market. Hungary convinces with an extensive variety of real estates, so that these satisfy most different requirements. From a luxurious vacation home to an exclusive residence, there is a suitable property for every taste. What should well-off investors pay attention to and where is an investment really worthwhile?

Real Estate in Hungary: Overview of the market situation

Buying real estate in Hungary in Budapest what to consider

A continuous growth of the real estate market in Hungary has been evident since 1990. With the accession of the country to the EU, Hungary experienced an economic upswing and developed rapidly in almost all areas. This also made the real estate market in Hungary interesting for foreign investors. Today, real estate deals are very popular. Who wants to buy a house in Hungary, meets a high demand, which can be served at present still well.
Strongly in the focus of private investors and investors with high demands on real estate are the capital Budapest and Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton offers a unique natural landscape and a Mediterranean climate. Exclusive properties in direct lakeside locations are in high demand here. In Budapest, on the other hand, life pulsates and cultural treasures characterize the cityscape. A penthouse or a luxuriously furnished apartment is more than worth a look here.

For whom is real estate in Hungary suitable?

real estate in Hungary main street in Budapest

Real estate in Hungary is on the one hand an attractive investment in a vacation home with the option of a later retirement home and on the other hand suitable as a primary residence for those who want to go abroad permanently, whether out of dissatisfaction with the political situation in their own home country or the search for a sunny place for a relaxed remote working. In addition, vacation homes or apartments are ideal for renting out and creating a reliable source of income. Basically, Hungary offers interesting options for every age group and price range. Nevertheless, one should definitely take a little more wealth in hand in Hungary and invest in a high-quality property.

Real Estate in Budapest

Market analysis for Budapest House or apartment for sale

The cultural and economic center of Hungary is located in the capital Budapest. It is the most visited city and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. No wonder, because it is hard to beat in impressive architectural masterpieces such as the Buda Citadel or the Royal Palace. Equally world-famous is the Hungarian cuisine with its numerous specialties that reflect the epicurean life in Budapest. Overall, the quality of life in Budapest is high. The development of a comprehensive infrastructure in recent years has contributed to this. Moreover, the business metropolis offers access to numerous universities and is home to international corporations. Real estate buyers can choose from 23 districts in Budapest. A wide range of properties can be found in these districts, from renovated apartments in old buildings to modern, newly built villas. The most popular location is on the Buda embankment. Foreign investors have a strong demand for property in the districts from 5 to 9 and 13.

Real Estate at Lake Balaton

Real estate on Lake Balaton is worth buying a villa

With a length of 75 km, Lake Balaton or Lake Balaton, is the largest inland lake in Central Europe. On the northern shore it borders on the Bakony Mountains. Lake Balaton is appreciated worldwide as one of the most beautiful bathing lakes and is the perfect starting point for active vacations. The diverse landscapes, such as the vineyards, the extensive recreational opportunities and the gastronomy invite you to relax, discover and explore. The demand of real estate prospective customers is concentrated among other things on the city Keszthely, which counts as economic and cultural center of the Balaton region. Of course, exclusive houses in direct lakeside locations are also in high demand. Who attaches great importance to privacy, becomes in the surrounding countryside fündig. Many sophisticated properties with large plots of land are situated here in secluded locations.

Real estate in Hévíz

Heviz Hungary is famous for its thermal baths

The spa town of Hévíz is one of the most important in Europe. The thermal lake found here is the second largest warm water lake in the world and the largest in Europe. Its water temperature is 36 degrees. The mud is used for healing treatments and is said to have a positive effect on numerous ailments. Hévíz presents itself as a cozy seaside resort with lush nature, a lively center and excellent connections. If you want to do something good for yourself in old age, a retirement home in Hévíz is the right choice.

Investing in real estate in Hungary