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Is it worth buying pellet stove used and what is the life of the device? – Saving tips for heating

Before you decide to get hold of a pellet stove used, it is important to consider some factors. These heating stoves have enjoyed great popularity for many years and offer many comfort factors. Many people choose them over wood stoves because they are easier to light, CO₂-neutral, and often cheaper to use. Given the state of the world today and the rising prices of wood pellets, you may be wondering if they are worth the investment. You need to consider the longevity of the product as well as its daily use, especially if it is an expensive purchase. Below you will find some useful information that can help you make a purchase decision.

Is a used pellet stove as efficient as a new product?

reduce heating costs and buy a used pellet stove in winter

To warm your home in an energy-efficient way during the winter season, there are a few solutions available to you these days. Usually, a wood pellet stove is at the top of the list. This can be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ecological and efficient, with such a heating method having several advantages. But what is the actual life of a pellet stove and how to choose a used product? Is even profitable to choose such a heater this winter? Here are the main features you should consider when making your choice.

What are the advantages of used pellet stoves and why are they sold?

worth buying used pellet stove and why people sell their old pellet stoves in 2022

Used pellet stoves can also offer great value. Typically, the price is less than half of a brand new unit. Plus, you may get some extras that you would otherwise have to buy to complete the installation. Another advantage of buying a used pellet stove is that you don’t have to pay sales tax or VAT if you buy privately. If you want to buy a pellet stove used and go to a dealer, you may have to pay some sales tax, but it is not nearly as much as a new product because of the reduced price, although on the other hand, a dealer may offer a warranty on a used stove.

christmas decorated living room with built-in kitchen and burning pellet stove

For this reason, most consumers sell their pellet stoves not because the unit itself is defective, but because they can’t be bothered with maintenance, adding fuel or upgrading to a larger capacity. If the seller wants to dispose of the pellet stove because they can’t handle maintenance or refilling the hopper, chances are you’ll get a lot more than just the stove. This is because private sellers usually want to get everything out of the way. Most importantly, accessories like the stove pipe or vent are usually included in the deal.

Buy pellet stove used and pay attention to the function

vintage interior design with a rustic looking but modern wood pellet stove as the focal point in the room

Before you personally look at the furnace, there are several things to consider. It is best to get the model description and number from the seller in advance and go online to the manufacturer’s website. There is probably a link on these pages, and the easiest way to get there is to use the search button in the navigation bar. On the manufacturer’s website, download the manual and browse through it. If there is no manual available, this could indicate future problems. The vendor may also have one in paper form. While you’re at it, you can also look for extras like fan motors, igniters, circuit boards and glass.

What problems to look out for with used pellet stoves?

woman keeps warm in front of her pellet stove in the room with christmas decoration during christmas time

Used pellet stoves, being mechanical, can unfortunately have defects. Ideally, you’ll be able to inspect the stove when it’s in operation. If possible, make an inspection appointment when the stove is cold and observe the starting process. When lighting, look for a clean, clear flame. What should also be noted are unusual sounding noises such as rattling, squealing or vibrations. When doing so, try to identify the source.

save energy costs during the heating season and choose the right wood pellets for the pellet stove

If the furnace has already been uninstalled, there are still a few things you can check. Look at the condition of the glass. If it’s dirty, the kiln is probably suffering from a lack of cleaning or may not have fired well. Also look at the condition of the firing tray. These wear out / burn out over time. If the holes are plugged with scale or clinker, this could explain the dirty glass. Also, ask to have the stove plugged in outside, then start with a handful of pellets in the burn pot. If you look through the lid of the hopper, you should see the auger spinning. The igniter should light the pellets and start the combustion fan. However, a handful of wood pellets may not be enough to start the fan.

What is the lifespan or how long does a wood pellet stove last?

what is the life span of a used or new pellet stove and how to best care for the product

Pellet stoves are made up of many different parts, which makes it difficult to judge their lifespan. Generally, the lifespan of a pellet stove depends on the model you choose and the maintenance you perform. However, you can still expect this type of heating to function for between 15 and 20 years, a shorter lifespan than that of a traditional stove. In comparison, a wood stove lasts on average 20-25 years. That’s not a huge difference, but if you’re thinking very long term, a wood stove stands to last better. You should also consider the various parts of a pellet stove that can break. These include igniters, fan motors, door seals, and control boards and may need to be replaced at some point, although this should be manageable and won’t necessarily spell the end of your pellet stove.

how long do pellet stoves last and which fuel is best for them

However, especially if your pellet stove is used, it is important to maintain it properly to ensure its longevity. Regular disposal of ash , vacuuming, cleaning the insert glass and annual sweeping are just some of the components of good maintenance that you should pay attention to. However, a pellet stove is quite durable, even with a lot of use. You should expect it to last over a decade, although you may be quite lucky to get more than two of them. Of course, there are many different brands and models of pellet stoves, and choosing the best one can be a challenge especially when it comes to durable products. Durability won’t be the only factor in choosing your pellet stove, but it’s a pretty big one, especially given the cost.

Do wood pellets as fuel affect the longevity of the pellet stove?

focus on high quality when using wood pellets for better energy efficiency

Logically, the fuel you feed your stove can affect its longevity. Stove manufacturers may recommend a specific type of wood pellets to use, but a good rule of thumb is that small pellets are better. These burn more efficiently and completely, while large pellets can clog the feed opening. You may also get partially burned wood pellets, which you may need to remove if they don’t burn properly. In addition, choosing a small feed puts less stress on the entire stove. Thus, it can burn well and thoroughly, ensuring complete combustion of the fuel. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations, but if possible, opt for smaller pellets to help your stove perform better.

buy a pellet stove used and fill it with qualitative wood pellets in smaller size for efficiency

Nothing lasts forever, but it’s worth it if you’re buying a used pellet stove to learn about how to care for it and then maintain it regularly. Clean it and use the best fuel you can find, much like you would with a car. Thus, you will get optimal and more energy-efficient results while extending the life of your pellet stove. Keep an eye on the combustion of the stove and the ash it produces, and clean it regularly when it’s in use. This may feel like a chore, but it will keep you from replacing it too soon, which is quite important given the high cost and expensive investment.