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Is it possible to burn wood in a pellet stove? – Tips for the use of wood fuel in the winter season

In principle, you can burn wood in the pellet stove and also use wood pellets in the wood stove, but in what form is this possible? There are some important factors to consider during the burning process in order to produce optimal heating energy and not waste solid fuel. As a rule, pellet stoves can burn only pellets of a certain size, depending on the stove model. In addition, the use of wood in such stoves must have a certain consistency in terms of energy use and the way it is fed to a fire. To learn more about this, below you will find some useful information that will help you use the fuel sustainably.

How to burn wood in pellet stove?

with optimal use of energy with natural materials you can burn wood in the pellet stove in the heating season

Pellet stoves are an interesting form of fireplace stoves and are considered solid fuel appliances. This means that they generate heat by burning solid fuel with real flames. Accordingly, one of the materials used as fuel for pellet stoves can be wood. It is often in the form of wood chips, but conventional wood stoves use logs as a fuel source. So what kind of wood can be burned in pellet stoves? You tend not to be able to burn conventional firewood for heating in a pellet stove, either in the form of logs or kindling. Normally, pellet stoves should only work with wood pellets, which have a certain size depending on the stove model. However, wood is one of the main materials that make up a pellet for use in a pellet stove.

throw kindling wood into the combustion chamber of a wood stove and encourage the flames produced even more

Pellet stoves still burn wood as a material, but the fuel must be of a certain type and consistency. This is because pellet stoves work differently than wood stoves. This is especially true for the type of fuel as well as the burning process. In a certain form, you can burn wood in a pellet stove, but not with traditional means such as kindling and logs. As the name suggests, pellet stoves burn fuel in the form of wood pellets. Such wood pellet stoves still generate heat from wood in the same way that a wood stove uses the material to produce heating energy.

Possible fuels for pellet stoves

pellet stove loaded with wood pellets as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to wood stoves in winter

Although pellet stoves are technically a form of wood-burning solid fuel appliance like a wood stove, firewood logs or even small pieces of kindling cannot be used in them in the usual way. Wood pellets are a compressed form of material that is usually for sale in bags of a certain weight. These can be made of various materials, but the main material is wood. It is also possible to make wood pellets yourself by making them from sawdust, shavings or other wood residues using a pellet mill. A pellet thus acquires a certain size and shape.

in a corner next to the fireplace or hearth, use arranged logs in winter for heating

So why is traditional firewood difficult to use in a pellet stove? Among the main reasons why it is not suitable for pellet stoves in the form of kindling wood or logs, as used in wood stoves:

  • The combustion chamber is too small.
  • Pellet stoves automatically feed fuel to the fire and require it in a specific and consistent size.
  • Solid fuel must be stored in a hopper to be burned. Fuel cannot be added to the stove by opening the door.
  • A motorized auger, which can only hold a certain size of fuel, feeds the wood pellets into the combustion chamber.

Optimal use of energy in pellet stoves

as a modern and environmentally friendly variant you can burn wood in the pellet stove and live co2 neutral

In addition, pellet stoves are electronic devices that require electricity to operate. They have a number of electronic components that all work together from a central control panel to automatically add fuel to the fire in the form of pellets. The stove itself adjusts how often it sends fuel to the combustion chamber based on information from a series of sensors. This ensures that the optimal amount of heat is produced and the fuel is burned as efficiently as possible. The combustion chamber of a pellet stove is typically much smaller and takes up much less space on a pellet stove than a traditional wood stove.

store pellets in the cellar and a heating system generates heat throughout the house

A pellet stove is still able to produce large amounts of heat from so little fuel. This is because the pellets, even with minimal moisture content, are compressed. This allows you to burn wood in the pellet stove and store a lot of energy in a small area. This energy is then converted into heat. In addition, fuel in the form of pellets must be delivered to the combustion chamber of a pellet stove through an automated delivery system using an internal storage area known as a hopper and an auger to allow for optimal energy utilization. It would therefore not be possible to use conventional firewood in the form of logs with such a system.

Can pellets be burned in a wood stove?

by using wood in an environmentally friendly way you can burn wood in a pellet stove in a sustainable way

Wood pellets can be burned in an open fireplace, fireplace or wood stove, but they are not easy to light. A good way is to cover a small pile of wood pellets with lighter fluid and light them. Once they catch the flame, they burn pretty well. However, when doing this, make sure there are enough pellets to maintain a nice heat. Surprisingly, wood pellets actually burn better than wood because they are denser. However, if wood pellets are even the slightest bit damp, they are very difficult to light in an open fireplace or fire pit.

solid fuel from pressed wood by producing wood pellets as an alternative to logs for heating

With a suitable basket, you can easily experience the benefits of burning wood pellets, and 6 to 8 kg should be enough for one load. Accordingly, the pellets are quite easy to light with a fire starter and some lamp oil. Once lit, the quantity will burn for 3 to 4 hours, depending on the oxygen supply to the wood stove or fireplace. The wood pellets burn very cleanly and economically in a fireplace or wood stove. Thus, solid fuel can be a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to firewood. Using pellets can also make heating completely CO₂-neutral. Here is a brief guide to illustrate the process.

Follow simple steps and use wood pellets in a wood stove.

a mixture of charcoal and wood pellets in wood stoves or fireplace

  1. To use pellets in a wood stove or fireplace, logs may also be needed.
  2. Prepare the logs and separate them from each other.
  3. Load each log with pellets after the strands are removed.
  4. Remove other combustible materials from area and ensure surface is level.
  5. Set wood pellets to light the fire and arrange them on the supports so that air can circulate around them.
  6. Start the fire and let it burn for a while. The wood pellets are lit and begin to burn.

use a modern fireplace in the living room with a rustic design and heat with wood in winter

The wood pellets in the stove or fireplace logs allow for complete combustion and leave no coals and little ash, which can be a fire hazard if left unattended. After the logs have cooled, the remaining ash should be gone before the next batch is used. Due to their manufacturing process and the materials used, wood pellets are also a good source of energy for cooking with wood stove.