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Ikea summer 2022: novelties and the most beautiful inspirations to transform the outdoor area into a small oasis of well-being!

The sun is shining and the days are getting longer – summer is here and as soon as the temperatures rise outside, we want to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. After all, there is hardly anything more beautiful than enjoying the wonderful weather with our loved ones on our own balcony or in the garden. In the warm summer months, we shift our lives outside and summer is the perfect time to make the outdoor area as cozy as possible. But how do you do that on a budget? Cue Ikea! Chic, practical, affordable and timeless – that’s the best way to describe the furniture and home accessories from the Swedish furniture store. Whether romantic fairy lights, artificial plants, modern and functional garden furniture or a cool privacy screen – with the new collection of Ikea in the summer of 2022 we bring the vacation directly home! Enough talk! Read on to find out how to create your own personal and unique paradise.

Ikea summer 2022: Modern and practical garden furniture

Garden furniture trends 2022 small balcony design Ikea summer 2022

For most of us, having an outdoor space in the city is a luxury. Having a little corner outdoors where we can relax and recharge our batteries after a long day – that’s what we all dream of, isn’t it? In terms of decoration and design, our balcony or terrace deserves all our attention in the summer.

Ikea summer 2022 small balcony design tips

Summer 2022 garden furniture from Ikea is a great way to make our area cozy without spending a ton of money. Whether it’s a small set of tables for a small balcony or a whole seating area for the garden, everyone gets their money’s worth at the Swedish furniture store and there’s something for everyone!

The comfortable outdoor sofa INGMARSÖ

how to decorate a small balcony modern Ikea summer 2022

Just because you have little space and a small and narrow balcony , it does not mean that you have to sacrifice comfort.  For you, too, the furniture from Ikea in the summer of 2022 have the perfect solution. Super comfortable, simple and extremely practical – with the outdoor sofa INAMRGSÖ you can transform even the smallest area into your new favorite place outdoors, and at a mini price! Add a few comfortable cushions in bright colors and a delicious summer cocktail in your hand as you wind down the day – sounds just dreamy, doesn’t it?

BONDHOLMEN garden furniture for the terrace or balcony

Garden furniture trends 2022 novelties Ikea summer 2022

Do you love to spoil your friends and family with culinary delights? The BONDHOLMEN garden furniture from Ikea Summer 2022 is ideal for relaxing evenings in your own garden or on the terrace. The furniture is made of durable and long-lasting wood and enchants us with a timeless elegance. Just like in the living room or bedroom, home textiles and rugs create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. SKELLUND rug from Ikea not only scores with a modern design, but also is resistant to moisture, heat and cold.

Hanging decorations and fairy lights for a romantic ambiance.

Balcony Lighting Decorating Ideas Ikea Summer 2022 Home Accessories Trends

To surprise your better half with a romantic dinner, you don’t necessarily have to go to a fancy restaurant. How about sprucing up the balcony with some pretty fairy lights and lanterns instead? Fine decorative lights illuminate the pleasant evening hours in a magical way and therefore should not be missing on any balcony. They are installed in no time and the subdued light immediately brightens the mood.

balcony decoration ideas Ikea summer 2022 home trends

The “Anledning” collection from Ikea also exudes a touch of summer and vacation and adds a cheerful touch to the outdoor area. However, in addition to napkins, glasses and the colorful tablecloths, it was the hanging decorations made of paper that caught our attention. These include a set of paper rosettes in nude, creamy white and orange-red in different sizes, as well as a pennant chain. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or looking to add a light touch to the balcony, Ikea’s Summer 2022 decorations will have you covered!

Ikea summer 2022: TVETÖ parasol as a privacy screen for the balcony.

balcony privacy screen ideas modern Ikea summer 2022 novelties

If fairy lights are a must for the evening hours, we are happy to have some shade and privacy during the day. To protect yourself on the balcony from the curious neighbors and the strong rays of the sun, a suitable sunshade is essential. The TVETÖ parasol from Ikea 2022 is a practical solution and also provides a cool vacation feeling. Add to that a refreshing cocktail and beautiful we feel as if we were on the beach and not on our own balcony.

FEJKA artificial plants for your little green oasis

Artificial plants for the balcony home trends Ikea summer 2022

To transform the home outdoor area into a small oasis of well-being, of course, one or the other plant on the balcony may not be missing. Okay, but who has the time to water or replant their plants regularly? So what should we do if we don’t have a green thumb but still want to enjoy a bit of nature in our own four walls? Let’s head straight to Ikea and buy some FEJKA artificial plants! Whether palms, succulents or the monstera plant – the selection is now huge and the artificial plants look incredibly lifelike. In a pretty pot that matches the rest of the balcony furnishings, the FEJKA artificial plants definitely make a visual impact and are a real eye-catcher.

Ikea Summer 2022: The VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker for a good mood

Vappeby Bluettoth speaker with lamp Ikea summer 2022

The days may be getting longer in the summer, but it’s still dark in the evenings. To enjoy the long summer nights with friends, lighting on the balcony is an absolute must. But the right music also lifts the mood and creates a cheerful atmosphere. So if you’re looking for not only an elegant lamp, but also a speaker for the next girls’ night out, Ikea Summer 2022 has got you covered. The portable outdoor lamp VAPPEBY with a built-in Bluetooth speaker is the perfect way to listen to all our favorite songs anytime, anywhere. But that’s not all – Ikea’s VAPPEBY lamp is the first Bluetooth speaker on the market to feature Spotify tap playback. Depending on consumption, the battery life lasts circa 12 hours and the lamp is available in dark blue or gray.

Balcony design garden furniture trends Ikea summer 2022 novelties