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Home office decorating: Great tips and decorating ideas to decorate the study!


Whether we are freelancers or have an agreement with our employer, by now almost all of us have a home office. If you have to work from home more often, then you know how important it is to create a pleasant and homely atmosphere. Wouldn’t you rather work in a beautiful space that motivates you? A study that is decorated to our liking can boost our creativity and help us focus better on work. To help you feel comfortable in your own home, below we explain how to decorate and furnish your home office so that it becomes your new favorite room.


Home Office Decorating: Create a homey atmosphere

Home office decorating plants what furniture for study home

The very biggest advantage of working from home is that unlike a presence office, we can furnish and decorate the home office completely according to our wishes. No matter if you have a separate room for it or there is little space available in the living room, choosing the right furniture is always of utmost importance. Especially if you spend 8 hours a day at your desk, you should make sure that the furniture is comfortable. Choosing the right chair and desk for the study is essential. How big and wide the desk is depends on whether you need a laptop or not. To avoid severe back pain and to help you concentrate, invest in a quality office chair. Whether it’s classic and budget-friendly or luxury models, more than 80,000 different office chairs of the highest quality await you at Ofichairs, so there’s guaranteed to be something for every need and taste.

Wall decor for the study

study wall decorating ideas home office decorating tips

Colors, materials and small accents bring life to your study and always create a homely and pleasant atmosphere. To avoid the room more character, pictures, photos or poster are a great way to decorate the home office. Or do you feel inspired by certain people and quotes? Individual sayings as wall decor can actually aspire to more performance, and even a quick glance at the wall can help us solve a work block. If you do not feel like white walls, then you can paint them again or alternatively spice them up with patterned wallpaper. Warm natural tones, such as beige, brown or green have a relaxing effect and relieve stress – and that’s exactly what you could use in the office, right?

Decorate your home office with modern lighting

Home Office Decorating Tips How To Decorate Home Office

In order to take care of our eyes and so that we are not tired after 2 hours, an adequate supply of light is essential. Therefore, it is important that we place the desk as optimally as possible. It would be best if there is mixture of artificial light and daylight. If this is not possible, then invest in several lamps. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that have the biggest impact. A high-quality and elegant table lamp not only provides enough illumination, but is also ideal for decorating the home office with little effort. After all, it is an item that you will have in view all day.

Ensure order and storage space

create storage space in the study home office decorating

Scattered documents, pens and other utensils lying around on the desk look messy and the chaos can disrupt our work. With small drawers or cabinets, you can keep the study nice and tidy and also have everything at hand. If space is too tight , then you are in the best place with wall shelves. To achieve a harmonious overall picture, make sure that they match the rest of the room’s furnishings. Or how about decorating the home office with decorative folders? These are practical and you can even divide them into different colors and use them as a decorative part of the wall decor.

Clipboards and bulletin boards as home office decorations

Home office decorate how to furnish study home tips

A pinboard or clipboard are ideal for keeping any notes and memos handy and at hand at all times. This helps to avoid chaos on the desk and you have all your appointments at a glance. A pinboard is practical and is wonderfully suitable as a simple wall decoration for the home office. For example, pinboards made of magnetic chalkboard paint look especially cool and unique. If you’re feeling creative, you could make your own pinboard out of cork, for example. The possibilities of making the pinboard your own work of art are literally endless!