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Furnish small living room: These living room furniture should not be missing despite the lack of space

The bigger the cities, the smaller the apartments. This is the reality that many people encounter when looking for an apartment. However, the small living space is not always a disadvantage. If the small apartment is suitably furnished , then it can be just as cozy and practical as a large apartment. But for this you need to rely on the right furniture and focus on the essentials. In this article we reveal what living room furniture you should not do without, despite a limited living space.

It all depends on the right living room furniture

Small living room furnishings space saving what furniture

In a small room, every detail matters. The colors, the orientation of the furniture as well as its size can determine the whole atmosphere of the room. However, in order to save space, you do not necessarily have to abandon various furniture, but choose space-saving alternatives. We will now explain how to do this.

The first thing you need to remember when decorating a small room is that small living spaces require small furniture. You should by no means load the room with furnishings, but try to leave open spaces despite the lack of space.

What sofa for small living room?

What sofa for small living room

The sofa is perhaps the one piece of furniture that no living room can be imagined without. However, it is also the largest. To ensure that the seating does not visually clutter the room, its size must be matched to the size of the room. One of the best variants for a small living room is the comfortable sofa bed , which is converted from a seat to a sleeping place in a few simple steps. So you can offer friends or relatives a comfortable place to spend the night when they come to visit. Even in a 1-room apartment, where the living room, bedroom and kitchen share the same space, a sofa bed is the ideal solution.

Do not leave out the coffee table

Multi-functional living room furniture upholstered stool as a coffee table

In a small apartment, of course, you do not need a large table in front of the sofa, which does nothing but block the way. However, you can’t do without a coffee table altogether, as it serves some important functions.

Upholstered stools, for example, can function like a coffee table and can be used as an additional seat if needed. They can also be visually matched to the sofa and contribute to the comfort in the room. If the stool is still equipped with a shelf, then you get some extra storage space.

Small living room furnish which living room furniture

Another option is side tables with a slim silhouette, for example, as a combination of wire construction and glass top. They look discreet and do not overload the room. On the contrary – they make it look larger.

Design the living wall to save space

Living room furniture for small apartment living wall with lowboard

Bulky cabinets also do not belong in small rooms. They slay the ambience and take up much of the valuable space. Much better suited are flexible living walls , which are adapted to the conditions in the room. Sideboards, wall cabinets and wall shelves are all considered space-saving solutions for the small living room. The more storage space the individual pieces provide, the better.

Living room furniture for small rooms – tips for choosing

Small apartment space saving furnishing tips

Small living rooms are tricky in terms of furniture. Nevertheless, they can look more spacious if you choose the right furniture. Read the following tips on if you want to make the living room look cozy but not cramped.

  • Go for multifunctional furniture. These save space by being versatile. Many of them also provide additional storage space.
  • Choose furniture on legs. They look lighter and airier.
  • Furniture in light colors is an appropriate choice for a small living room.
  • Less is more – furnish the room sparingly and avoid pieces that are not functional.
  • Use optical tricks to make the furnished living room look bigger. For example, mirrors, horizontal stripes on the floor and wall, as well as properly used light sources fit into this.