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Facade cleaning 2021: What does the professional with my house wall

House facades are exposed to various climatic conditions over the years.  Wind, rain and snow as well as sunlight affect the facade. This can change the appearance of the facade. In addition, algae or lichens, for example, can attach themselves to the facades. If you want to maintain your facade over a long period of time, you should treat it with as much care as possible and have it cleaned by a professional from time to time.

Facade cleaning 2021: What types of facades are there on buildings?

So-called plaster facades are particularly common. This means that the outer wall of the house is covered, for example, with cement plaster or with synthetic resin plaster. The plaster facades can be designed in numerous shades. For example, white or gray colors are often used. Depending on the region, different colors or designs may be in demand. Also very widespread (e.g. in the Lower Rhine region or in northern Germany) are facades with clinker bricks. These prove to be particularly robust and durable. Houses built 150 to 200 years ago, for example, can still have an intact clinker brick facade.
– Facades with cement plaster or synthetic resin plaster
– Facades with clinker bricks
– Facades with natural slate
In the Bergisches Land, natural slate is often used for facade design. This is abundant in the region and protects against the sometimes strong weather influences. Slate cladding is also known to many people, for example, from the cladding of the chimney. The slate is durable and at the same time a natural product.

Facade cleaning 2021: What advantages does it bring?

House wall cleaning let which variants there are

Anyone who has a facade cleaned regularly by a specialist company benefits from the fact that, for example, the plaster or clinker brick will last longer. At the same time, the building looks much cleaner and more attractive. Pollutants that previously adhered to the facade can be removed by cleaning. Professionals like the SteinRein facade cleaning team have been able to build up years of expertise in this area. Regular and thorough cleaning can help facades retain their color much longer. This means that a white painted and plastered facade will keep its color much longer and will not need to be repainted.

How does the cleaning of the facade work in detail?

Facade cleaning 2021 types of facades

For a classic plaster facade, a high-pressure cleaner with hot water is used. A so-called flat jet nozzle is used to gently clean the facade. The plaster is cleaned from top to bottom so that the dirt can flow downwards. It should be noted that cleaning must be carried out evenly so that the facade looks uniform. If you aim too long at the same spot with too hard a jet, you risk damaging the plaster. While classic dirt can be easily removed, special cleaning agents are usually required for soot stains or green coatings, for example. Here there are extra environmentally friendly agents that may be used without any problems. Companies that use a high-pressure cleaner to clean the facade usually have professional equipment. The pressure can be adjusted exactly so that cleaning is possible without any problems. The cleaners differ significantly from classic hardware store devices.

Clinker facade cleaning professional have dirt removed

  • High water pressure can help clean the facade
  • Warm water dissolves dirt much better
  • Steam at up to 155° C can be used on suitable surfaces
  • Sandblasting is an alternative cleaning method

Clinker facade cleaning have deposits removed professionally

A clinker facade is a particularly robust facade that usually lasts effortlessly for over 100 years. It is often the joints between the bricks that crumble and need to be replaced. If you want to maintain a clinker facade, you usually have to replace the joints completely at some point. Cleaners can then be applied and removed with water, providing a fresh and usually much brighter look to the house. Stone cleaning with sealing and grouting is a complete package that is especially worthwhile for older facades.

High pressure methods as well as high temperatures loosen the dirt

Facade cleaning 2021 cleaning plaster facade

The cleaning of the facade can be realized with high-pressure water procedures, or with so-called sandblasting procedures. In both cases, the work should be carried out by professionals who have experience in the field. Otherwise, damage to the exterior facade can occur very quickly. Cleaning methods using hot steam are also available. Here, temperatures of up to 155° C can be reached. It is important to clarify in advance whether the surface can cope with the temperatures of the hot steam. Higher temperatures are also frequently used for cleaning with water, as the dirt can then often be loosened better.
With brush attachments, the facades can usually be cleaned very well with the addition of warm water. This means that rotating brushes travel over the clinker bricks or across the facade, rinsing off the dirt from top to bottom. The choice of the right method can be defined together with the specialist company.