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Deco Trend 2022: These shapes, materials and colors give the finishing touch to the apartment this year

Summer tempts you to give your living area a new look and you would like to know what’s hot this year anyway? You are not obliged to be always up to date with everything, because after all, your own style, in which you feel comfortable, is much more important. But if you follow the current trends, you might discover one or two novelties that actually appeal to you a lot. Would you like to learn more and possibly implement a new decoration trend 2022 also at your place? Then take a look below at what is currently at the top of the list in terms of decoration.

Here’s how to decorate this year: Stay sustainable and natural!

Deko Trend 2022 - The yellow color is hip and fits perfectly for summer

Sure, sustainability is not a novelty, but it remains, fortunately, as a Deko Trend 2022, and it can be combined with another current trend, namely naturalness. Thus, materials from nature such as wood, metal, cork, cotton and also stone are exactly the right choice and that in their natural colors of beige, gray, cream, brown, ocher and whatever else you know from the forest, meadow and Co. But not only! You may also show courage to color and that especially with yellow, but also with darker shades of blue and green.

In terms of materials, a lot of emphasis is placed on cuddly feeling – so high pile carpet is optimal, as well as the teddy fur and bouclé.

Deko Trend 2022 - Sustainability and DIY Home Decoration

It also becomes sustainable with recycled or upcycled decorations à la do-it-yourself . And since boho style is also totally on trend, macramé is just the right choice if you want to create a cozy, casual atmosphere with something homemade. Of course, the same goes for grandma’s heirlooms or flea market finds.

Deco Trend 2022 – Simple, but not boring.

Deko Trend 2022 - Sculptural shapes with interesting colors

You can’t go wrong with sculptural shapes. However, don’t imagine monotonous decorations, because that’s definitely not what this year’s decor trends are. Lamps, figurines, vases and so on come off well, especially with their simple shapes, but they make up for it with beautiful colors and color combinations. If this is still too monotonous for you, you can gladly reach for another decoration trend 2022, which is the exact contrast: ornate, eye-catching vintage models.

Vacation in your own four walls

Deko Trend 2022 - Accessories that remind of the vacation

No, we’re not talking about an exotic summer party in your home, of course, but decorations that you associate with vacation: Driftwood, fishing nets or other nautical accessories, as well as the striped pattern (stripes, by the way, are also a hot decoration trend 2022), if you love the beach feeling, or else a tropical atmosphere with monstera leaves , lots of houseplants and mahogany. Create your own rainforest, so to speak (to match the green color trend)!

Create a tropical feel with lots of houseplants

Do you like it more oriental ? Then choose just such accessories. You are also welcome to use them merely as accents. For example, a simple room in Scandinavian style will also look chic with a few Moroccan lanterns.

Soothing elements as a decoration trend 2022

Deko Trend 2022 for the home office - Create a calm mood with candles

Since the pandemic began more than two years ago, the home office has become increasingly important. Many a person has not returned to the classic office, but continues to work from home. However, if you still haven’t equipped yourself with your own workspace, you should at least use decorations to create a serene mood. And what better way to do that than with a candle? Not just one, but as many as possible. And are honest, have we yet to wait for a trend to hand out candles of all things – they always go, after all!

Modern decorating with natural materials

They have a calming effect and create a certain structure and pleasant clarity in the room, which is especially true if you choose models with the aforementioned sculptural shapes. You can further emphasize the tranquility that the candles radiate with bright and natural colors. Also, rely on pleasant fragrances. Not only scented candles are suitable for this purpose. Scented sticks are also great for this purpose and also have a certain decorative effect – all things that can make your workday a little more stress-free and relaxed.

Mix and match as a living trend

Mix and match for dishes and other decorations at home

This term means nothing more than that they can now combine accessories that are usually offered as a set, mixed up. You may already know this from chairs that are distributed around the table in different styles. But when it comes to Deco Trend 2022, we mean more household items like the dishes for example. So in this way you create a living room table decoration of a special kind. Not only the styles of plates and cups can be mixed here, but also the colors. The challenge here is to create a harmonious interplay out of the actual chaos anyway.

Mixing sofa cushions for an upbeat look in the simple furnishings