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Nine Hour” capsule hotel in Japan with modern design emphasizes comfort

Capsule hotels are accommodations that emerged in Japan in the late 1970s. They were a response to the lack of space in large cities and offered inexpensive accommodation without any luxury, which mainly businessmen used. Accommodation in capsule hotel in Japan itself is not in separate rooms, but in small size cabins equipped with mattresses, TV and radio.

Capsule hotel in Japan – what is it?

Capsule hotel in Japan - futuristically designed sleeping capsules with dimmed lighting

In addition to the “bedrooms”, this type of Japanese hotel also offers common areas, including a washroom. Only a few have a restaurant to offer. Although the capsule hotel originated in Japan, nowadays many other countries also have this type of space-saving and cheap accommodation option. Today, however, we’d like to stay in Japan and introduce you to a new capsule hotel in Osaka that breaks the rules and shows that cheap doesn’t have to mean shabby.

Sanitary areas as a lounge at the “Nine Hours Capsule Hotel”.

Capsule hotel in Japan with washing areas with lounge and minimalist washstand

This modern capsule hotel project in Japan comes from Naruse Inokuma Architects and covers an area of almost 1000 square meters. Unlike the well-known capsule hotel in Japan, this accommodation places more emphasis on comfort. This new variant of the capsule hotel combines functionality with a rich stay experience, inventing a new look in this way.

Since capsule hotels not only do not have a room of their own, but also lack a private bathroom to boot, and rely on shared bathrooms, valuable time is lost because of downtime, that is, on the way from the sleeping area to the shower and back again. And business people in particular value their time. To reduce the resulting stress, the architects developed a more habitable wet area.

shared sanitary lounge in capsule hotel in Japan with mirrors and washbasin

This wet area in the capsule hotel in Japan were transformed into a large lounge area consisting of lockers, wash, shower and toilet area. So what is usually divided into separate areas in these Japan hotels is combined into a single space to create a spacious santitary lounge.

Modern design in capsule hotel in Japan

minimalist dining area in capsule hotel in Japan with dining table and pendant lights

The design of the interior also promises a pleasant stay. Colors, materials and lighting create an overall homey ambiance that beautifully supports the functionality from the capsule hotel in Japan: A bit of minimalism here, a bit of futurism there and the pleasant naturalness of natural materials as the icing on the cake – the hotel in Japan combines all of this in its spacious living area.

Locker room in the wet area with wooden lockers

The minimalist style is especially found in the washing and dining areas, where modern and simple, yet stylish and elegant furniture and accessories enhance the rooms. This simplicity of neutral shades such as gray, beige and wood exudes elegance and creates a cozy atmosphere to feel good.

Somewhat more upbeat in comparison are the futuristic elements found in the quite spacious sleeping pods. Incidentally, not only the sleeping areas consist of capsules. The santiary lounge is also equipped with such, only here they are provided with tables and benches, but invite to relax as well.

Capsule hotel in Japan – pictures

Furnishing in the washing area with OSB panels for a warm atmosphere

We show you some more photos of the new modern capsule hotel in Japan below. Get a glimpse inside and see for yourself that capsule hotels can be quite comfortable. We are sure that with such projects this type of hotel will soon lose its rather bad reputation.

Functionality and maximum comfort offers the Nine Hours capsule hotel in Japan

Modern showers

Modern shower with rain shower head and mosaic tiles in beige color

Sleeping capsules on two floors

Capsules as sleeping areas with pleasant light on two floors

View into the sleeping area

Black wall color in sleeping area for best sleeping comfort

Darkened corridor with black wall paint

Indirect lighting and black wall paint - A project by Naruse Inokuma Architects

Hotel reception in minimalist style

The reception of the Japan hotel made of wood with simple look

Entrance hall of the Nine Hours capsule hotel

The Nine Hours capsule hotel in Japan with modern and inviting look

Floor plan with sleeping and washing area

floor plan of capsule hotel in Japan with santary lounge and sleeping area with capsules

Plan of the lounge capsules

Seating area in capsules in wash area with benches and tables - plan

A project by Naruse Inokuma Architects .